Hello everyone!

Today’s update is a new kind of blog post: unboxing! I originally had wanted to make a video, but my hair was super not good when my box arrived and I wanted to open it right away, so here is a bunch of photos instead. Note: when I say a bunch of photos, I mean a lot, so be warned before you read more!

This box is actually mostly filled of stuff for my girlfriend, Kerstin, who also placed the order, so a special shout out to her! And of course, shout out to Japan Stuffs for picking up all of these items from the Pokemon Center and being generally awesome.

Both my girlfriend and I generally stick to EMS shipping when sending things from Japan, because of the security (EMS automatically comes with tracking) and the speed (it generally takes between 3-5 days depending on how quickly the box is shipped out from Japan). The package was shipped out on a Wednesday and had already arrived by Saturday. For the most part, the box arrived intact, although there was a small hole on one side, which was the fault of the postal service, but it happens and it’s happened on multiple boxes of mine in the past. However, I will point out that Japan Stuffs individually wraps all items in the box in little bags, so even if the shipping box is damaged in flight, you don’t have to worry about items going missing.

Moving on to what everyone wants to see…what’s inside the box!

First up: new cookie tin! These tins came out December 10th, on the same day as the Varsity Pikachu promotion. I bought a tin and managed to fit it into my suitcase the day I left because I couldn’t pass up how cute the tin illustration was.

Along with Alola Raichu, there is also Cutiefly


and Pikachu!

All the wrappers have the same design: Alola Raichu.

The cookies are a sort of puffed pastry with a very strong maple flavor and covered in sugar, making this treat delicious and messy. Deliciously messy!

Gacha figures! I’m not sure if Japan Stuffs includes the gacha containers for all orders or specifically for ours because everything came in a bigger box, but it was a cute touch. These figures are from the Pikachu Villains gacha collection that came out January 1st.

Kerstin ordered 5 figures and ended up with 2 doubles (Team Flare Pika) plus 3 others: Plasma, Magma, and Team Rocket. Sometimes gacha figures can have slightly messy paint jobs, but these Pikachus came out really cute!

On the note of Pikachu Villains…the newest Team Skull Pikachu! Look at him with his little underwear head attire.

The tag features the Team Skull logo.

We both got a couple plush from the December 23rd Pokemon Center exclusive plush release. An item for me: Umbreon! I collect Umbreon so of course I needed at least one to add to my shelf of identical looking Umbreon plush.

The Pokemon Center exclusive plush now have square tags.

Cyndaquil has been getting a bunch of new plush lately, which is exciting for Cyndaquil collectors. I think this plush is especially cute and nicely shaped and also soft.

He looks especially happy on the tag.

Kerstin also ordered the new Alola Raichu plush! He is very cute, although I wish he was a little bit rounder. I’m holding out for the Pokedoll, which I know will be appropriately fat.

Raichu! Look at his cute face! And everything!

More New Years stuff: Pokedolls!! Having the new Pokedolls in hand, I will rectify my previous statement of I think the new Pokedolls are bigger. I’m pretty sure they’re about the same size as before, but they must be charging more for the tags or just for the privilege of being able to buy official Pokedolls again. They’re still super super adorable. Japan Stuffs picked up some of the pre-release Pokedolls from the New Years sale at Tokyo Skytree and we were lucky enough to get some plush from this first batch of pickups. (More will become available everywhere in Japan on January 14th)

Close-up of the new tags. I’m not sure how I feel about them. I don’t know if I like the yellow background. I will always love the blue star tags the most. The art is cute, though.

Spring time in Winter! Kerstin ordered one set of the mascot plush because she collects Sentret. We didn’t actually get photos of these plush until after release, which is kind of annoying, but they’re super cute!

The mascot plush all have pink tush tags with a little heart/sakura petal.

The backs of the plush also have cute patterns on them.

I also got one set of plates from the Spring! promotion. I love having cute Pokemon plates to eat off of, and I loved the art from this promotion so much…

But I especially needed this plate set because of the Clefairy. I love Clefairy!

Last but not least…from the Alola Friends promotion that came out December 23rd, Kerstin ordered this corkboard. It’s a great way to display stuff, like charms or pins, while also having a Pokemon theme, but you can also just display it as is if you don’t want to damage it.

Here is an example of the cork board in action!

I ended up getting the smaller of the two bowls, again because I love Pokemon themed kitchen items I can use and the illustration was cute. Here is the front of the box holding the bowl

The sides also have cute illustrations

Exeggutor, Raichu

And dancing Pikachu!

Here is the bowl itself. Unlike the plates from the Spring! promotion, the bowls from Alola Friends are made of ceramic.

Not forgetting the adorable Oricorio trio.

One cute thing Japan Stuffs does with all her orders is include little extra stuff. Not only did she give us the special Hokkaido Promotion ornament with Snowpix, but also a little pack of tissues, a Pikachu reflector charm, and candy!

More cute candy! (And the Team Skull pin that Kerstin bought)

And that concludes this post! Stay tuned for more box opening posts in the future.

Until next time!