The final batch of Kororin Friends Eeveelution plushies came out last week and they were just as cute as expected.


This batch of Eeveelutions includes Sylveon, Umbreon, and Espeon.


As with the other Koririn Friends plush, there were two main set-ups in the claw machines: either mountain style


Or with three plush lined up near (or sometimes not so near) to the chute.


This machine was both one of my favorites and one of my least favorites. If things went well, it was possible to win plush easily. If things did not go well, however…Half the time, Umbreon would end up falling backwards, with his head away from the chute, making him impossible to win. Half the time, Sylveon would fall over sideways and it was then impossible to roll her over into the chute. This is the curse of having the claw a little too strong…


Sylveon: Hello from the other side.


All three of the final Eeveelutions together. I’m super picky with my Sylveon plush, but I really like how her Kororin version came out! They did a great job with the ribbons and she has a very cute face. Umbreon is also suitably grump.


Along with the Eeveelutions, the first plush from a new series (pokemonlife@picnic) came out last Thursday.


This set featured two large Pikachu face cushions, in both boy and girl form.


As well as these three smaller mascot plush.


This series might be easily overlooked because Pikachu, but I think the mascot plush are especially adorable!