Kororin Friends is a fairly new UFO catcher prize series that features roundish bean-shaped plush in three different sizes that you can, in theory, stack on top of each other. Pokemon joined the Kororin Friends family back at the end of January with a batch consisting of Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle (you can read my post about this release here).


Two weeks ago, the second batch of plush, and first of the Eeveelutions, was released.


This first set included Eevee, Glaceon, and Leafeon.


Although the machines themselves varied in terms of difficulty, the set-ups were all basically the same.


These plush are a little too big to be arranged in the mountain formation, so the staff set out 3 plush at a time near the bottom / front. There are a couple techniques you can use here.

1) Aim for the head and use both claws to lift the head up and move the plush forward.
2) Aim for the butt and take advantage of the heaviness of the head to tip the plush forward.
3) If the plush is sideways, use both claws to roll it over and forward (note: this technique is not good if the shield of plush at the very front is too high)
4) Use one claw to scoop the plush to the side and forward.


A larger version of the Eevee plush was also released on the same day. The shape and fabric is the same, with the only real difference between the overall size.


This Eevee had a bit more variety regarding claw machine strategies as different game centers had different set-ups. This center is using the rubber ball setting that I try to avoid. The photo above, taken at Round 1, has the typical Round 1 set-up where you need to use the claw to push down on the plush in order to win.


Pictured here is my preferred setting.


This “D-Ring” setting is how I tend to win most large prizes and figures. The advantage is, unlike the bridge set-up, there isn’t a chance for the plush or figure to accidentally fall back into the starting position or to get stuck. The downside is sometimes it takes a while to wiggle the plush off, depending on various factors. (I still prefer it).


The second batch of Eeveelution plush (Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon) came out last week!


I guess because they’re all Eevees, the staff at the game centers have no problem in combining the leftovers from the first batch with the second (the more the merrier!)


This game center was in my top two for least favorite centers. You can tell how difficult a specific claw machine setting is based on how much older plush they have left. Not only was the shield on this machine kind of high but half the time, the claw was too weak to do anything. The other half, it was too strong and you would end up toppling the plush over backwards regardless of how you tried to pick it up. I was able to win 2-3 times here, and only because I arrived at the perfect time between claw strength adjustments, and also thanks to an incredibly nice staff guy who was incredibly nice.


Round 1’s set-up for these plush was my other top contender for least favorite. Basically, I have no idea how people were winning because every single time I tried, including with the first batch of Eevees, the plush did not move. The claws were so weak, it was a joke. The only time I had a chance of winning was if I asked the staff to reposition, so I’m not sure how they expected people to win without assistance?

One day I was trying to win a Jolteon. It was a little past opening, so around 10:30 am, and the Center was basically empty except for me and the staff. I could not win this plush for the life of me. After finally giving up and leaving, I ended up having to return because I forgot my umbrella, and the staff guy repositioned the plush so it was literally on the edge and all I had to do was touch it and it fell. But otherwise, I would not have been able to win! Why! Round 1! Why!


The final batch of Eevees (Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon) come out April 7th. The first batch were all fairly easy to win. The second batch were difficult. I’m hoping the third batch will be as easy as the first!