Today was the official start of the I Love Mew series with the release of the larger (roughly 10 inches tall) and incredibly soft sitting Mew plush!


Some people might be saying, “But wasn’t this plush already released back in September?” It was! To generate hype for the brand new I Love Mew series, there was a special pre-release of these cute Mew plush starting from September 19th.


For Mew fans who weren’t able to get their hands on Mew back then, you have a second chance!


I went to two game centers to get 2 Mew plush, and of my personal experience, the center that had a limit on winnable plush (in this case, 1 Mew per person) had an easier setting on their claw machines compared to the game center that had no limit.


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… what’s the difference between the September release Mew and the January release Mew?! One of my best friends who was in Japan when the original Mews were released won me a September Mew as a birthday present. In this photo, my September Mew is on the right and January Mew is on the left. At first glance, the two plush are pretty much identical.


When shown from the side, you can see the snouts are shaped a little differently. It seems like the January Mews have fuller snouts than the September Mews.


In this photo, September Mew is in the middle and he seems a little bit more bootylicious than the newer release Mews. Also, the January Mews seem to have more oval shaped heads.


The hang tags are pretty much identical except the flowers on the top right corner go off the edge a bit on the January release.


The butt tags are identical!

Am I happy with my September release Mew? Very happy (mostly because it was a gift). Would I be happy with one of the January Mews? Definitely! Both versions, in my opinion, are the perfect size and shape for cuddling. If you love Mew (and who doesn’t?) this is a plush that you should look into acquiring if possible!