A new batch of MPC (My Pokemon Collection) plush came out September 25th, featuring the first stage and third stage generation 2 starters.


Out of the bunch, Typhlosion and Feraligatr seemed to be the most popular, and were the two that started disappearing from machines the fastest.


When you look this cute, I guess it’s hard to resist. Typhlosion was pretty easy to catch, but Feraligatr was the most difficult from this batch. Not only was he the biggest, but he was also the heaviest and a weird shape, so if the claw was not strong enough, and the staff were unhelpful, you could be in trouble.


I noticed, however, that Feraligatr was also the easiest to get caught on the claw, like in this picture. If you were able to wedge one of the claws in between his body and arm, you could usually lift him. This happened to me three times. Thankfully, all I had to do was call one of the game center staff over, they would remove little Ferg, and hand him over to me.


All of the plush are very cute and just the right size to attach to your bag!


Or just keep in your collection. (Or get 2 of your favorite so you can do both!)