Hello everyone!

I don’t usually report on the US Pokemon Center releases, but the Valentine’s Day promotion was too cute for me to pass it by without mentioning it.

When the US store first opened up, the majority of items sold were re-releases of previously Japan only items but with different tags. Lately it seems like the US store is offering more and more items that are unique and not available anywhere else, and the Valentine’s Day promotion for 2017 is a good example of this. There are only a few items as part of this promo, but everything is cute and makes great gifts for that special someone in life, even if that special someone is you!

The element that really made this promotion for me was the Slowpoke and his wish for a Happy New Year. Without him, this promotion would be just cute, but he elevates this promotion to something even better.

Everyone loves pins, and these pins are especially cute. The pins are all included in one set, however, each pin is attached to a little cardboard tab that you can rip off and give away.

Like most Valentine’s Day themed goods, the backs of the pin boards offer a place to write your name and the name of the gift recipient. Also, if you’ll notice the pin backings are all die-cut Pikachu heads.

What would Valentine’s Day gifts be without cards? The Valentine’s Day card set comes with 12 cards (3 Pikachu, 3 Eevee, 2 Slowpoke, 2 Umbreon, and 2 Espeon) plus 12 envelopes and stickers.

Tying in to the Sun/Moon theme, there is a set of cups featuring Umbreon and Espeon. Keep them both for yourself and use one for your morning coffee and one for your pre-bedtime coffee, or split them up and give one cup to your true love.

Last but not least, we have this adorable Slowpoke shirt, wishing everyone a Happy New Years in February! Give this to that person in your life who is always late to everything. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the sentiment.

All of the items listed here are, as of the time of this posting (January 28th, 2017) still in stock on the US webstore, so if you’re interested, go and buy! (Link) Note that the US Pokemon Center only ships within the United States at this time.

Until next time!