Tomorrow (Friday, April 29th) is the first day of Golden Week in Japan, a (roughly) week long public holiday during which time everyone in Japan travels everywhere. Tokyo gets especially crowded and horrible during Golden Week because, while some people leave Tokyo to go on vacation, everyone who lives outside of Tokyo all travel to Tokyo on their vacations. Because of this, the Pokemon Center updated today – Thursday – instead of the usual Friday.

As a note, the last day of Golden Week is the 5th (Children’s Day), which is a Thursday, so this shouldn’t affect next week’s Pokemon Center announcements.

Moving along!


The official announcement for the June Monthly Pair Pikachu! Raincoat Pikachu from the Monthly Pikachu series was very popular, and I have a feeling these two will be just as popular, if not more so. Look at their little raincoats! And their umbrella!

The Pair plush will come out May 21st and will retail at 2,808 yen.

The most exciting announcement for the day was….


An entire promotion on Substitute Plush!!! This little guy skyrocketed to fame back in January 2013 when the original Substitute Plush doll was released as part of the Adventure Goods promotion. After quickly selling out, getting restocked, selling out, getting restocked several times over the next several years, and having multiple sizes added to his repertoire, he now has his very own promotion all about him! (And Pikachu because Pikachu).

The promotion will feature a wide variety of items, including plush, socks, bags, two different types of blind packaged items (figures and acrylic charms), as well as two On-Line exclusives: a special plush set with a mini blackboard and markers and the re-release of the largest size of Substitute Plush. Substitute Extravaganza will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan on May 14th.

Line-Up Includes:

Pikachu with Substitute Plush Poncho (Pokemon Amie Style) – 2,376 yen


Mascot Size Pikachu with Substitute Plush Poncho (Pokemon Amie Style) – 1,404 yen


Figure Collection (gacha) – 300 yen


Acrylic Charm Collection (blind packaged) – 500 yen


A4 Double Pocket Clearfile – 400 yen
PET Stickers – 864 yen


Hand Towel – 540 yen
Face Towel – 1,080 yen


T-Shirt (S|M|L) – 3,240 yen
T-Shirt (XL) – 3,456 yen
Cup – 1,404 yen


Knapsack – 2,592 yen
Pouch – 1,296 yen


Plush Pass Case – 1,242 yen
Dice Bag – 788 yen


Plush Pen – 734 yen
FRIXION 2 Pen Set – 713 yen


Socks (23-25cm | 25-27cm) – 540 yen
Knit Cap – 2,700 yen


Substitute Plush Earrings – 648 yen
Substitute Plush Non-Pierce Earrings – 648 yen


Cookie Tin – 1,054 yen
[On-line Center Exclusive] Pikachu with Substitute Plush Poncho (Pokemon Amie Style) with Mini Black Board + Markers – 2,916 yen

Substitute Plush Pajamas – 5,400 yen
Substitute Plush Hoodie (S|M|L) – 6,048 yen
Substitute Plush Hoodie (XL) – 6,264 yen

Monthly Pair Pikachu June
Substitute Plush Promotion