December Merchandise Releases


[Banpresto] I Love Eevee – Large Plush (Espeon, Umbreon)
[Banpresto] I Love Eevee – Large Plush (Leafeon, Glaceon)
[Banpresto] I Love Eevee – Bath Towel (3 Designs)
[Banpresto] Look At My Tail Extra Large Pokemon Plush – Ampharos


[Pokemon TCG] Booster Pack “Sword” “Shield”


[Pokemon Center] Contents of Trainer’s Bags
[Pokemon Center] Hario Lampwork Factory


[Banpresto] Pokemon Tsuretette – Big Plush (Raichu, Minun)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Tsuretette – Big Plush (Chansey, Plusle)


[Kiri-e Series] Wood Wreath Charm (Pikachu, Eevee, Scorbunny, Grookey, Sobble)


[Banpresto] I Love Eevee – Extra Large Eevee Plush
[Banpresto] Look At My Tail Pokemon Plush – Squirtle, Pichu, Dragonair, Wobbuffet
[Banpresto] Pokemon Plush – Scorbunny, Grookey, Sobble


[Banpresto] Pokemon Plush With Candy – Pikachu Plush
[Banpresto] Kororin Friends Mini – Rattata, Pikachu, Pachirisu, Minccino


[Gray Parker Service] Pokemon Suya-Suya on the Cable Volume 5 (Pikachu, Meowth, Jigglypuff, Chikorita, Torchic, Piplup)
[Bandai] Pokemon Doll Volume 4 (Pikachu Bowtie, Pikachu Tutu, Pikachu T-Shirt, Eevee, Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix, Lapras)

[Pokemon Center Report] Ditto Transform & Monpoke

A bunch of small releases came out this past week (pushed back from the original release date of October 12th due to the typhoon).

The latest release from the very popular Ditto Transform series came out on the 15th at Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan.

This batch included Mew, Mimikyu, Exeggutor, Wobbuffet, and Muk in both regular and mascot plush sized forms.

Monpoke is a new baby brand designed specifically for parents who are into Pokemon to share their fondness with their children and includes mainly baby and toddler related items, including these super soft plush which are also easily washable.

The set of plush, which is currently available at Pokemon Centers in Japan, include Pikachu, Dedenne, Ludicolo, Mime Jr, and Smeargle. They’re all super cute and make a great gift for people of all ages!

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report~

Which plush is your favorite?

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Ditto Transform! Volume 9

Pokemon Center Ditto Transform Muk Exeggutor Mew Wobbuffet Mimikyu

The very popular Ditto Transform series is returning with new friends to Pokemon Centers around Japan October 12th (Saturday)!

Ditto Transform Vol 9 Plush

Although Ditto might not be the best at transforming into other Pokemon, it’s still pretty cute seeing his attempts.

Ditto Transform Vol 9 Mascot

Like previous releases, there will be 5 featured Pokemon (Muk, Exeggutor, Mew, Wobbuffet, and Mimikyu) in both plush and mascot plush form.

Name: Ditto Transform! Volume 9
Where: All Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan
Date: October 12th (Saturday)

Pokemon Center News

Items & Prices

Plush (Muk, Exeggutor, Mew, Wobbuffet, and Mimikyu) – 1,320 yen each
Mascot Plush (Muk, Exeggutor, Mew, Wobbuffet, and Mimikyu) – 880 yen each

※ All prices include tax

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October Merchandise Releases


[TCG] “Tag Team GX Tag Team All-Stars” Booster Pack
[TCG] Pokemon Card Game Black/White X/Y “Extra Regulation Box Set”
[TCG] Card Sleeve Designs [Island Deities, Fairy Picnic, Eevee Dash!, Mega Rayquaza, Dark Illusionist]
[TCG] Deck Case [Eevee Dash!, Dark Illusionist]
[TCG] Rubber Play Mat [Eevee Dash!]


[Pokemon Center] 24 Jikan Pokemon Chu


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Stairs Part 2 (Pikachu, Charmander, Wooper/Ditto, Larvitar, Rockruff, Umbreon)


[Banpresto] Extra Large Dedenne Plush
[Banpresto] Pokemon Focus – Legendary Pokemon Large Plush (Latios, Latias)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Focus – Legendary Pokemon Plush (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Rock Festival
[Pokemon Center] Ditto Transform! Volume 9 (Muk, Exeggutor, Mew, Wobbuffet, Mimikyu)


[Banpresto] Large Cuddling Plush (Pikachu, Raichu)
[Banpresto] Cuddling Plush (Pichu, Teddiursa, Plusle, Minun)


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Terrarium Collection Part 7 (Pikachu & Growlithe, Farfetch’d, Gardevoir, Raikou, Cleffa & Phanpy, Mewtwo)
[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time – Extra Large Ditto Plush
[Banpresto] Large Face Cushions (Slowpoke, Snorlax)


[Banpresto] Pokemon – Large Christmas Stocking Pikachu Plush (2 Designs)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru – Large Sleeping Plush (Slowpoke, Seel, Snorlax)


[San-ei] Big More Gengar Plush


[Pokemon Center] All Glowed Up / Late Bloomer


[Important] Miki’s Birthday!
[Pokemon] Detective Pikachu Blu-Ray Release
[Pokemon] Detective Pikachu Wrinkled Plush

Wobbuffet Party + Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Wobbuffet Party + Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Before we delve into this week’s Pokemon Center Report, a quick announcement!

Mikitzune Zombiemiki Detective Pikachu Twitter Giveaway

I am currently hosting a giveaway over on Twitter for 1 of 3 plush toys coming out as part of the up-coming Pokemon Center exclusive Detective Pikachu promotion.

To enter, simply follow me (@zombiemiki) and RT this tweet. Entrees are welcome worldwide and the deadline to enter is 8 pm EDT on May 1st (Wednesday).

Golden Week officially started in Japan Monday April 29th, but actually started for most people from the 27th (Saturday). The Japanese Pokemon Center took advantage of this by planning a bunch of releases to coincide with this date so they would have new merchandise on sale throughout the Golden Week period.

Let’s Wobbuffet

Wobb Plush

Banking on the popularity of the Ditto Transform series, the Pokemon Center decided to try it’s luck with everyone being Wobbuffet.

A little weird in my opinion, and it definitely won’t be as popular as Ditto (sales were pretty mediocre) but hey… it’s cute? Maybe?

Not only were there 6 types of plush instead of the usual 5, but they were all much bigger than I anticipated.

Wobb Mascot

Other than that, the Wobbuffet Party promo was pretty standard for Pokemon Center fare, with matching mascot plush for each plush

Wobb Pouch

Plush pouches and bags of Eevee, Pikachu, and Ditto

Pokemon Center Let's Wobbuffet

The always popular Pokemon Center socks (and a bunch of other maybe cute items!)

Mewtwo Strikes Back

Pokemon Center Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Along with the Wobbuffet release, the Pokemon Center also came out with a couple items for the up-coming Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie.

Mewtwo Movie Plush

Most of the merchandise line-up was fairly standard and not too exciting but! There was also a new Mewtwo plush and a life-size Mew plush.

That wraps up this week’s exciting Pokemon Center Report!

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