Pokemon Center Report – PokeKyun Collection

The PokeKyun concept pack came out on Friday the 29th and I was there at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center, bright and early, for card fun and festivities! The train ride in to the city was especially smushy because for some reason every time trains would go through this one specific station on my train line, the doors wouldn’t open and they literally had to turn each train off and on again, leading to delays upon delays. But I did it for Pokemon!


Aside from the card packs themselves, there were two bonus items that came out on Friday that were card related. Bonus item 1 were these Premium PokeKyun Box Sets.


This display features the contents of the premium box (sheet of stickers, card sleeves, deck box, long box, Shaymin EX card). The cards in the back are samples of the cards that are available through the concept pack.


Item number 2 I didn’t know about until I saw it in person.


This mini binder set is exclusive to Pokemon Centers and 7-11. Each set comes with 1 mini binder to store you cute cards in as well as two packs of PokeKyun cards.


I had to buy one of the binder sets for myself. Here is one side…


..and the back with Diancie.


Pokemon Fluffy Bathtime

The Daisuki Club updated today (incidentally, Pocky Day – 11/11) with a mini announcement of a mini promotion, Pokemon Fluffy Bathtime, coming out November 28th. Unsurprisingly with a name containing both “fluffy” and “bathtime”, the merchandise line-up is full of items that can be used in and around the bath or shower.


We have soap dispensers and holders, toothbrush holders


Shower poof with a Pikachu made of a washcloth material


Bathroom slippers


And towels, putting the “fluff” in “fluffy bathtime”!


But seriously, how can you say no to this face? Seriously, this promotion would be perfect if it had more of this stylish Psyduck.

Merchandise Lineup
(Prices are excluding tax)

Bath Bomb – 430 yen
Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap Bottle Pump – 1,300 yen
Toothbrush Stand – 900 yen
Soap Dish – 1,000 yen
Towel Hanger w/Pikachu Plush – 1,200 yen
Acrylic Tumbler – 800 yen
Slippers (Adult Size) – 1,500 yen
Shower Poof – 820 yen
Mini Bath Towel – 2,000 yen
Face Towel – 910 yen

Daisuki Club