Friday Pokemon Announcements – Super Secret Base Dolls, Metal Charms, Promo Cards



A mini promotion featuring metal charms of legendary Pokemon and their respective cries was announced through an official Pokemon YouTube video today. The charms will be most likely sold blind packaged and in two sets, with each set having 10 different legendaries for a total of 20 legendaries.


Cookies with silhouettes of the legendaries and their cries will also be available for sale (and consumption)!


Release date for this mini-promotion is July 11th at all Pokemon Centers in Japan.



An exclusive Namco Game Center raffle starts from today, featuring the prizes shown above. In order to play, you need to get a staff member and have them see you put 500 yen in to a Pokemon claw machine. 500 yen = 1 raffle try. A prize is a cushion, B prize is 1 of 2 mugs, and C prize is an unspecified Namco prize.


These four cards, featuring the Pokemon Center logo seal, will be given away at random to Pokemon Center customers who spend 1,000 yen or more on TCG merchandise, starting from July 18th.


Finally, the biggest news of the day: new additions to the Super Secret Base Pokedoll line! Pokemon actually managed to spoil the announcement themselves by including this information in the monthly Daisuki Club newsletter (oops).



Swablu has little feets!