Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Hello everyone!

March 23rd (Saturday) brought some good news and some potentially surprisingly bad news.

Let’s start with bad first because why not.

Saturday morning dawned as usual and people all over the world got ready to open up the Pokemon Center’s On-Line store to get some adorable pokedolls. Except… suddenly, the Japanese store was declining all non-Japanese issued credit cards!

Seeing the trend and also contacting the Pokemon Center’s customer service directly led to the news that the On-Line Center’s list of cards it accepts is now much smaller than it previously was. The website says that “some foreign cards might not work” I guess to cover their butts because there are still some cards that work as well as before. If you were buying directly from the Center’s On-Line store and using a shipping service to get your stuff, you might need to find an alternate work-around because this might not work anymore.

So that was exciting!

Scolipede Pokedoll

The big seller for the day was Scolipede. This adorable centipede stole everyone’s hearts, but how can you not fall for that little bug face? He was the first to sell out on-line and by Sunday was sold out basically everywhere, with his re-sale price currently around quadruple his shelf price.


Along with Scolipede, the other Pokemon included in this batch of Pokedolls included Lucario, Zeraora, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff. I personally am not the biggest fan of how Lucario turned out (his nose is a little weird) but Psyduck makes up for it by being cuter than usual!

Scolipede Mascot

Tiny Scolipede mascot was just as popular as his bigger brother, also selling out pretty quickly (again, how can you resist that little bug face!)

Pokedoll Mascot

And of course there were also mascot size versions of Zeraora, Lucario, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff as well. These mascot plush are extra squishy and soft (and tiny so extra adorable).

Meltan Meltan 2

Along with the Pokedolls, a small Meltan & Melmetal themed promo also came out March 23rd.

Most of the items were stationary related, so maybe not excited, but it also included the first official Pokemon Center plush for both Meltan and Melmetal (who I affectionately refer to as Beefcake Meltan)

Pokemon Center Takara Tomy Meltan Plush

The maybe not quite as adorable Takara Tomy Meltan plush also came out recently. (He kind of looks like he’s been stung by bees, but he is doing his best)

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

Pokedolls + Meltan & Melmetal + Kyoto Nishijin-Ori

Pokedolls + Meltan & Melmetal + Kyoto Nishijin-Ori

Diving straight into this week’s announcements…

Pokemon Center Pokedolls

The Pokemon Center announced five new additions to their Pokedoll series, which will be released at all Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan March 23rd (Saturday).

The line-up includes Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Lucario, Scolipede, and Zeraora, with plush and mascot plush versions available of each.

Pokedolls will cost 1,296 yen each including tax. Mascot Pokedolls will cost 1,058 yen each including tax.

Pokemon Center Meltan Melmetal

The first official Pokemon Center merchandise of Meltan and Melmetal will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers around Japan March 23rd (Saturday).

Meltan Melmetal

1:1 Meltan Plush – 1,620 yen
Melmetal Plush – 3,780 yen
Metal Charm Set – 378 yen
Acrylic Charms (Meltan / Melmetal) – 648 yen each

Meltan 2

Dice Bag – 648 yen
Mini Dice Bag – 432 yen
Notebook – 184 yen
Mini Notebook – 140 yen
Pencil Board – 270 yen
Eraser – 172 yen
Mini Hand Towel – 410 yen

Not Pictured

A4 Clearfile – 260 yen
Set of 12 2B Pencils – 745 yen
Set of 12 B Pencils – 745 yen
2 Red Pencils – 172 yen
2 Red/Blue Pencils – 172 yen
Pencil Cap – 291 yen
Foldable Ruler – 324 yen
Stickers – 432 yen
Ruler – 270 yen
T-Shirt (Kids Size) – 2,700 yen
Handkerchief – 367 yen
Dishwasher Safe Lunch Box – 1,188 yen
Dishwasher Safe Case w/ Chopsticks – 605 yen
Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cup – 421 yen
Dishwasher Safe Bottle – 1,620 yen
Bento Bag – 745 yen
Cup Bag – 658 yen
Napkin – 540 yen

Pokemon Center Kyoto

A small collection of Nishijin-Ori (Kyoto based traditional Japanese textiles) Pokemon inspired items will go on sale exclusively at the Kyoto Pokemon Center March 16th, alongside the re-opening of the Kyoto Center.


Pochette (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 5,400 yen each
Stamp Holder (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 1,512 yen each
Clasp Pouch (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 2,592 yen each
Clasp Coin Pouch (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 1,620 yen each
Pouch (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 2,160 yen each
Tissue Case (Japanese Candy | Ho-oh) – 1,080 yen each

Last but not least, Pokemon Center exclusive plush of Lugia and Ho-oh will go on sale this weekend (March 9th) – surprise!

Each plush will cost 3,780 yen including tax.

That wraps up this week’s announcements!

Until next time~

Pokedolls & Mascot Plush
Meltan & Melmetal
Kyoto Nishijin-Ori Items

Merchandise Overview – March


[TCG] “Double Blaze” booster pack (sm10)
[TCG] Deck Build Box
[TCG] Half Carrying Case (Pikachu)
[TCG] Pokemon Center Original Card Sleeves (Whimsicott | Charizard & Reshiram Tag Team | Perfect Nap Day)
[TCG] Deck Case (Charizard & Reshiram Tag Team | Perfect Nap Day)
[TCG] Rubber Play Mat (Charizard & Reshiram Tag Team)


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Pika-Pika Backpacks 2 (Pikachu, Charizard, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Rowlet, Alolan Vulpix, Mimikyu, Eevee)


[Banpresto] Mogu-Mogu Time – Extra Large Plush (Gengar)
[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time – Large Plush (Bulbasaur, Charmander)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Can Badges (Plusle, Minun, Sylveon, Ditto, Gardevoir, Lucario, Greninja, Ampharos)
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You T-Shirt
[Pokemon Center] Lugia + Ho-oh Plush
[Pokemon Center On-line] Pokemon With You Ceramic Tile


[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Large Plush (Chansey, Blissey)


[TCG] Family Pokemon Card Game


[Pokemon Center] Kyoto Pokemon Center Promotion
[Pokemon Center] Nishijin-Ori Kyoto Exclusive Merchandise
[Pokemon Center] Easter Garden Party
[Pokemon Center] Pikachu & Eevee Flowers


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Terrarium Collection 5 (Pikachu + Pidgeotto, Suicune, Ponyta, Espeon, Chikorita, Ampharos)


[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru (Colorful) – Large Plush (Dragonair, Lucario, Vaporeon)


[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Extra Large Plush (Marill)
[Takara Tomy] Meltan Plush


[Pokemon Center] Pokedolls & Pokedoll Mascot Plush (Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Lucario, Scolipede, Zeraora)
[Pokemon Center] Meltan & Melmetal
[Pokemon Center] Nori Chips (Ume, Sesame, Curry)


[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Large Plush (Pichu, Togepi, Smoochum)


[MonColle] Meltan