Friday’s Pokemon Announcements – More Pikachu, Ghosties, and PokeMikke Round 3

We got several merchandise announcements on Friday, April 3rd.


Village Vanguard (a Japanese store similar to Spencer’s in America) will be exclusively carrying these three ghost-type Pokemon tote bags. These bags are designed to be used in place of plastic bags when buying from stores, so you can protect the environment and show off your love of ghost Pokemon at the same time.


The PokeMikke line of mainly stationary and other related accessories announced their next line-up of merchandise, this time with an ice cream theme instead of socks.


Not new, but we did finally receive the full list of items sold as part of the Pikachu Focus promotion. The promo features three distinctive art styles: Pikachu (simple), PIKACHUUUU! (comic book), and Pikachu in the farm (European, as described by the official site). This series has tons of cute Pikachu goods, perfect for any level of Pikachu fan, and even offers both a 40 inch size Pikachu plush (27,000 yen) and 28 inch plush (13,000 yen).