[Pokemon Center Report] Ditto Transform & Monpoke

A bunch of small releases came out this past week (pushed back from the original release date of October 12th due to the typhoon).

The latest release from the very popular Ditto Transform series came out on the 15th at Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan.

This batch included Mew, Mimikyu, Exeggutor, Wobbuffet, and Muk in both regular and mascot plush sized forms.

Monpoke is a new baby brand designed specifically for parents who are into Pokemon to share their fondness with their children and includes mainly baby and toddler related items, including these super soft plush which are also easily washable.

The set of plush, which is currently available at Pokemon Centers in Japan, include Pikachu, Dedenne, Ludicolo, Mime Jr, and Smeargle. They’re all super cute and make a great gift for people of all ages!

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report~

Which plush is your favorite?

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Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Little Tales

Little Tales is a collaboration between Pokemon and designer Shinzi Katoh and this is the third year in a row the Pokemon Center has brought us this always charming and adorable promotion. The theme for this year’s Little Tales line-up was “spring vacation” and this was reflected not only in the designs featured on the items but also on the items themselves.


The runner up to the star of the show was the pair Pikachu plush. Continuing the design from last year where the girl and boy Pikachus shared one scarf, this year, the two Pikachu are holding hands.


The mascot plush were equally adorable and featured Mime Jr, Ditto, and boy and girl Pikachu, with a very distinctive carousel theme.


Close-ups of mascots!


Not sure why they decided to use Ponyta twice but he is cute no matter which way he faces.


Mime Jr looks especially happy. To be fair, if I had a Girafarig friend, I would be happy, too.


The two Pikachu straps were sold as a set, so either a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. If you only wanted the male or female Pikachu, you were out of luck. If you had a friend and wanted to share, then this works out perfectly!


The plush pass case only came in male Pikachu form, but who can resist his dapper little hat?


There were three different bags with this promotion: a “bag in bag”, a smaller knapsack, and a foldable boston bag.


The knapsack had a print of the two Pikachus stamped into the leather (?) while the bag in bag had both the two Pikachus plus the two Meowstics.


Then there was the actual star of the show: the suitcase! Although not ideal for international travel, the suitcase is a nice size for going, let’s say, by train on a weekend trip somewhere domestic. The suitcases themselves, aside from the one or two on display, were kept near the registers, and from what I heard, most of the stores shipped them to your home still in their cardboard boxes because of the size. (You can also see an example of one of the boston bags folded out on top of the suitcase).


The suitcase has the two Pikachus stamped into the front.


Speaking of staying stylish, there were a couple clothing items sold in this promotion as well! The blue stole goes well with the creams of both the cardigan and free size shirt.


Charm point of the shirt is the two Meowstics on their date.


Charm point of the cardigan is the colorful buttons as well as the little Pikachu emblem.


There was a bunch of other miscellaneous goodies as well, such as stationary sets, pencils, a clearfile set featuring designs from current and past Little Tales promotions


A small assortment of stickers


iPhone cases for 5/5s and 6/6s


Hair scrunchies in two different designs


Hand towels, towelkets (large blankets made out of a lighter towel fabric, ideal for late spring and summer), and hand creams


Out of the two hand cream designs, this was my favorite!


Last but certainly not least, the cookie tins! This might be the first time the Center has sold cookie tins as a set like this (or if not the first, it doesn’t happen very often).


One tin has more of a travel theme, while the other has a carousel theme, but it can be agreed that both are adorable. I wasn’t planning on buying a cookie tin but after seeing them in person, I couldn’t resist.

Tomorrow I’m going to Wonder Fest for the first time ever, so wish me luck! Hopefully I can bring back pictures of up-coming merchandise to share.

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Little Tales Part 3

2 pm came and went and no word or update from the Pokemon site. Just when I thought all hope was lost…


Pokemon Little Tales! We finally have information on the line-up!

The highlight of this round is definitely both the Pikachu pair plush and the four mascot plush.


With the theme this round being “A Spring Outing” it’s no surprise that there is an emphasis on items used for travel. The suitcase is especially adorable (although be warned the suitcase probably won’t be that big – suitable more for a day or weekend trip rather than a week long vacation).


There’s also socks, shirts, small pouches


A flip case for iPhone 6/6s and 5/5s, a cute umbrella (in case it rains while you’re on your trip!)


Mini towel and towel-blanket (towelket)


And of course clearfiles, decoration tape, and cookies!

I was starting to get worried about what this promotion would give us, merchandise wise, since the Pokemon Center was taking so long to announce the line-up, but in the end, everything looks amazing. I can’t wait to see non-stock photos, especially of the plush!

Little Tales Part 3 Line-Up
Prices do not include tax

Pikachu Pair Plush – 2,400 yen
Mascot Plush (Pikachu Male | Pikachu Female | Mime Jr. | Ditto) 1,400 yen each
Plush Pass Case – 1,400 yen
Figure Strap Set – 1,300 yen
A4 Clearfile Set (4 Clearfiles) – 800 yen
Masking Tape (Flower Wagon | Merry-Go-Round) 600 yen each
Sticker Assortment – 550 yen
Stationary Set – 800 yen
Mechanical Pencil – 700 yen
Fountain Pen – 4,000 yen
Mini Canvas Paintings (Tree House | Dance Party | Shooting Star | Flower Wagon | Merry-Go-Round) 2,000 yen each
Trunk Style Suitcase – 18,000 yen
Foldable Boston Bag – 2,800 yen
Mini Backpack – 3,900 yen
Bag in Bag – 2,100 yen
Banero Pouch (Flower Wagon | Dressing Up) 1,600 yen each
Hand Towel – 500 yen
Towelket – 6,800 yen
Flip Case (5/5s | 6/6s) 3,000 yen each
Ribbon Scrunchie (Petit Trip | Musical) 1,000 yen each
Hair Tie – 500 yen
Hand Cream – 750 yen
Lip Cream – 560 yen
Cardigan (Ladies S/M/L) 5,700 yen
Tunic (Ladies S/M/L) 3,500 yen
Stole – 3,000 yen
Umbrella – 3,200 yen
Mini Blackboard – 2,500 yen
Socks – 500 yen
Gaufrette – 1,200 yen

What are you most excited for from this promotion?

I am especially looking forward to the pair Pikachu plush. I’ve been collecting the pair plush since the original Little Tales and this pair is especially adorable!

Pokemon Little Tales