Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu Poncho Gachapon + Ash Plush


The Tokyo Pokemon Center moved from Hamamatsucho to Ikebukuro a little over a year ago. Along with the change in location, the Center also changed it’s name from “Tokyo” to “Mega Tokyo” and changed the mascots from Pikachu, Froakie, and Charmander to Pikachu and Mega Charizard Y.


There was, of course, a big promotion in honor of both the move and the re-opening, with tons of merchandise featuring the original Poncho Pikachu, affectionately referred to as “Pikazard”, and as part of the promo, there were gachapon figures of Pikachu wearing his little Mega Charizard Y poncho in various poses.


The Pokemon Center decided to celebrate the anniversary of the re-opening by giving us the Pikachu Mega Campaign. Along with a semi re-release of the original Pikazard plush (the tags are different but otherwise they are basically the same), we also got 6 other poncho wearing Pikachus, including a Mega Charizard X version, and a brand new set of gachapon figures, this time not only of the original Pikazard but of the other Poncho Pikachus as well.


When the original Pikazard gacha set came out, it was originally limited to the Mega Tokyo Center location for the first few weeks. This upped the level of want for these figures and they quickly sold out (although they did get restocked and are currently still in stock). This time, however, all the Centers across Japan had access to to the Pikachu Poncho (or Pika-Pon) set at the same time, and as a result, the demand was not quite as crazy. As of this posting, there is plenty of stock.


On Saturday, they had a separate line specifically for the gacha machines, which were set up in a corner of the store close to where the Pikachu Mega Shop is located. Customers were limited to up to 10 tries at once, but you could play another 10 times if you went back into line and waited again. There was enough people to make up a constant line once the Center opened but wait time was only around 5 minutes max. The set had exactly 7 figures (Pikazard Y, Pikazard X, Mega Lucario, Mega Audino, Mega Altaria, Mega Slowbro, Mega Sableye) with no secret figures.


Although I do like playing gachas in certain circumstances, in general I dislike blind packaged figure sets because a lot of it is down to luck, and if you can only play a couple of times, the chances of you pulling the figure you want is not good…especially if you’re Miki and your luck is abysmal. Which brings me to my last point on this weekend’s gacha release: the Pokemon collecting community in general is very nice and everyone loves trading. I ended up playing multiple times in order to pull a full set, which meant I had extras. I hung out around the capsule disposal corner and made at least two people happy by trading them figures they had been hoping to get, and I got to practice my Japanese at the same time, so everyone was a winner.


Moving on to the figures themselves – I was very impressed with how they came out. With tiny figures, paint jobs can be hit or miss, which can lead to annoying situations where you’re after a figure and you get 1 of it, and there is a paint smudge or a misprint. These figures, while small, are not teeny tiny, and although I did notice a few very small paint problems on 1 or 2, for the most part the figures were big enough that this was a non-issue.


I mostly played for other people this time around (as I mentioned, my priority was to get a full set for a friend) but there were a couple figures I had to keep for myself, including both Pikazards. I wanted Pikazard Y for sentimental reasons, and X because they go together.




My main want was Mega Lucario, though, who I was able to pull fairly quickly. I was not disappointed with this figure at all. Look at that smug face!


I was so happy, I ran around the store posing him with all the other Lucarios.


Ahem. How does the new set compare with the original Pikazards? Size is the first most noticeable difference. Quality is next; the semi smudgy paint job on the original is more obvious next to the newer version. I also prefer the yellow color they used on the new Pikachus vs the originals as it’s less of a soda pop / neon yellow.


Unrelated to Pikazards, a brand new Ash plushie also came out this weekend. For being a human plush, I think it came out pretty well!


On a parting note, the next set of prizes from the I Love Mew Banpresto series is coming out on Thursday. I’ll be going out to catch a bunch of these little pink cuties and will try and get a report up on the same day, so stay tuned!

Merchandise Overview – January

January Release – Date Unspecified

[Gacha] Can Badge Collection XY&Z (Ash’s Greninja, Braixen, Chespin, Dedenne, Eevee, Mega Charizard X, Pikachu, Sylveon, Zygarde Core, Zygarde Perfect Form)


[Pokemon Center] New Years Monthly Pikachu Set (2 plush = 2,500 yen)
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Market
[Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo] New Years Lucky Bags (5,000 yen)
[TCG] Pokemon XY Break Special Card Box (Pikazard X | Pikazard Y) (1 box = 2,500 yen)
[TCG] Card sleeves (Mega Lucario Chu | Mega Slowbro Chu | Mega Sableye Chu | Mega Audino, Mega Altaria, Mega Diancie) (1 pack of 32 sleeves = 362 yen)
[Kuji] Pokemon Card Game Kuji
[Campaign] Distribution start for the second set of Pikachu Mega Campaign illustration cards


[Banpresto] I Love Mew – Large Mew Plush


[Pokemon Center] February Monthly Pikachu
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Time Part 9
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Sketch
[Pokemon Center] 20th Anniversary Clearfile


[Collaboration] Its’Demo Valentine’s


[Gacha] Mega Pikachu Gacha Figures (Mega Altaria, Mega Audino, Mega Lucario, Mega Sableye, Mega Slowbro, Pikazard X, Pikazard Y) (1 try = 300 yen)
[Merchandise] Ash Plush


[Banpresto] I Love Mew – 4 Mew Plush
[Collaboration] Its’Demo Valentine’s (Pikachu Plush, Slippers, and Pair Mascot)


[Banpresto] Charizard Sleeping Bag Pikachu Plush


[MonColle] Reshiram (Overdrive), Zekrom (Overdrive)
[Collaboration] Its’Demo Necklace Restock


[Banpresto] We Meet Again Pikachu Plush


[TCG] Poke-Kyun Collection
[TCG] Premium PokeKyun Box Set
[TCG] PokeKyun Mini Binder Set (Pokemon Center | 7-11 Exclusive)


[Ichiban Kuji] Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection – Nuku Nuku Style –
[Collaboration] Pre-sale of All-Stars Second Wave plush at Kiddyland starts

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pikachu Mega Campaign Wave 2 + New Years + Monthly Pikachu + Sepia Graffiti

With the Pikachu Mega Campaign Wave 1 starting tomorrow (December 12th), the Pokemon Center decided to announce some information for Wave 2.



The most exciting news from what we have so far from Wave 2 are these Pokemon XY Break Special card boxes, which will go on sale on New Year’s Day (January 1st). There will be 2 different designs for the boxes, and although the contents are the same between the two, the general designs will differ, with one box featuring Pikachu dressed as Mega Charizard X and one featuring Pikachu dressed as Mega Charizard Y.

Contents are as follows:

* Premium Holo Card
* Special Holo Card (Pikachu)
* Rage of the Broken Heavens expansion pack x 2
* Rising Fist, Phantom Gate, Emerald Break expansion packs x 1 of each
* Deck Case
* Card Sleeves (1 set of 62 sleeves)
* Long Card Box

Each box is 2,500 yen plus tax.


Along with the two special card boxes, these four card sleeve designs will also go on sale on January 1st. Each pack of sleeves contains 32 sleeves and costs 362 yen plus tax.


For people living in Japan, for every 2,000 yen you spend starting on January 1st, you will receive a random card featuring one of these designs.


Similar to the Pikachu Mega Campaign Wave 1, if you are lucky enough to pull the Mega Rayquaza design, you’ll also receive a card case to keep your cards organized and clean.


But wait, there’s more! January 16th brings us these very cute gachapon figures: 7 different types, 300 yen per play.


Moving on from the Mega Campaign, February’s Monthly Pikachu was announced early. This month has Pikachu peacefully asleep under a kotatsu, one of the best things to do during February to keep warm! This Pikachu will be released on January 9th and will cost 1,600 yen plus tax.


Finally, we have a couple new additions to the Sepia Graffiti series.

Merch Line-Up
Prices are all before tax

Clutch Bag – 3,500 yen
Flat Pouch – 2,400 yen
Mini Carpet – 3,700 yen
Cushion Charm – 880 yen
Cushion Pouch – 1,400 yen
Stickers – 380 yen
Foldable Mirror – 500 yen
B6 Size Notebook – 380 yen

Tomorrow is going to be a little nuts, but stay tuned for the Pikachu Mega Campaign Wave 1 report!

Gacha Mega Pikachu Figures
New Years TCG
Mega Pika Campaign Wave 2 Cards
Monthly Pikachu
Sepia Graffiti

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pikachu Mega Campaign + Steven Stone + Pikachu MegaStore

As expected, the Pokemon site gave us more information on the up-coming Pikachu Mega Campaign coming out December 12th!



Along with official photos of each of the main Mega Pikachu plush



Mascot plush are confirmed for each Mega Pikachu


Along with acrylic charms, and a couple other surprises!

Merchandise Lineup
Prices do not include tax

Mega Pikachu Plush – 2,000 yen (each)
Mega Pikachu Mascot Plush – 1,200 yen (each)
Poncho w/ Hood (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 3,600 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 1,680 yen
Die-cut Acrylic Mega Pikachu Charm – 650 yen (each)
Die-cut Acrylic Charm Collection – 500 yen
Die-cut Masking Tape (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 800 yen
Mega Pikachu Sticker – 200 yen (each)
Sticker Sheet – 500 yen
Mega Pikachu Hand Towel – 500 yen (each)
Pass Case (Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y) – 930 yen
Pouch – 1,500 yen


For all the Steven Stone lovers out there, your time has come. A bunch of Steven Stone goods will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers across Japan on December 26th.


The mega lapel pin is the gem of the promotion


But there will be other neat things as well, such as mugs, charms


And card sleeves, among others!

Merchandise Lineup
Prices do not include tax

Mega Lapel Pin – 8,000 yen
BIG Rubber Keyholder Collection – 650 yen
Print Metal Charm set – 600 yen
A4 Clearfile – 240 yen
Comic Style Stationary Set – 500 yen
Comic Style Memopad – 480 yen
Postcard Set (4) – 500 yen
Sticker Set – 600 yen
Hand Towel – 500 yen
Stainless Steel Mug – 1,200 yen
iPhone 6/6s Phone Case – 1,880 yen
Can Badge Set (3) – 750 yen
Glasses Case – 2,000 yen
T-Shirt (S|M|L) – 3,000 yen
B2 Tapestry – 3,000 yen
Card Sleeves – 362 yen


Last but not least, a special Pikachu Mega Shop will begin operating alongside the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center from December 12th until January 31st. The mini store will offer regional Pikachu merchandise and will also have a special showcase corner of previously released Pikachu merchandise.

Photos and news from the latest issue of Pokemon Fan coming soon!

Pikachu Mega Campaign
Steven Stone
Pikachu Happy Campaign