Pokemon Center Report: Mystery Mansion, TCG, Bonus Items

It’s been a few months since I was able to attend a Pokemon Center release myself.


Before we head into the new items, here is a little catch up from last weekend.


Mystery Mansion came out (sold out, was restocked, sold out, and was again restocked) on the 19th!


Umbreon watches seemed to be one of the most popular items from the promo, along with the blind packaged charms.


The notebooks, while maybe not the most popular, are still cute in my opinion.


These cookie tins came out as well, as a surprise. They are, unsurprisingly, coffee flavored!


These 3DS and LL cases and face plates also come out the same weekend.


This past weekend was card sleeves and the new Break series! These three designs were Pokemon Center exclusives.


We also got these special packs, which each come with either a Raichu or Noivern break card…


Along with the actual Break expansion packs.

Next up: My Pokemon Collection – Generation 2 Starter plush!

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Gold Break Campaign, New 3DS LL Hard Covers

We had a feeling today’s update wouldn’t bring much news, but we did get a TCG related campaign.


The Golden Present Campaign is a mail-in campaign celebrating the start of the brand new Pokemon Card Game XY Break series.

Spend 1,000 yen (or more) on Pokemon Card Game merchandise and mail in the barcode(s) between September 26th and October 31st to be entered for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes.


1) Set of 4 golden MonColle Figures
These figures can only be won through this campaign, and there will only be 5 sets. The set includes Zoroark, Chesnaught, Raichu, and Noivern.


2) Gold deck case, card binder, and playmat
Keep your brand new Break! series cards clean and in order with these flashy accessories.
This prize is limited to 30 sets.


3) Set of 3 energy cards
You can’t go wrong with gold-edged energy cards.
Each type set will be limited to 2,500 winners, for a total of 5,000 sets.

See the official page for more information on what TCG items are included in the campaign and how to enter (Japanese)


Aside from cards, these Pokemon themed New Nintendo 3DS LL hard covers will go on sale sometime during mid-September.


And if you can’t wait, this set of 3 mini towels from the Pokemon We Meet Again series is currently on sale!


Last but certainly not least, a reminder that the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection kuji starts on the 19th, a little over a week! Click the above image to jump to the official Banpresto page.

Golden Present Campaign
New Nintendo 3DS LL covers
Pokemon We Meet Again mini towels

Merchandise Overview – September


[Pokemon Center] Halloween Parade 2015


[Gacha] Mini Gacha Machines (Chespin, Dedenne, Eevee, Fennekin, Froakie, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Rayquaza)
[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Plush pass case
[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Large Pikachu plush


[Game] Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
[Merchandise] Pokemon Dungeon New 3DS plate
[Merchandise] PokeToru Nintendo 3DS/DS game cartridge case
[Merchandise] PokeToru Nintendo New 3DS LL decoration stickers
[Merchandise] Poketoru Nintendo New 3DS LL soft cover


[Pokemon Center] Monthly Pikachu
[Pokemon Center] Mystery Mansion (Halloween Promotion)
[Pokemon Center] Dot Sprite Merch (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle)
[Pokemon Center Campaign] From 9.19 ~ 9.23, spend 500 yen or more and get 1 Pikachu outbreak sticker
[MonColle] Mega Sableye
[Magazine] Pokemon Fan 44
[Ichiban Kuji] Pikachu Nebukuro Collection
[Banpresto] (Advance Release) I Love Mew – Large Size Plush


[Banpresto] Namco Exclusive! Pokemon XY ~ Large Pokeball and Masterball plush


[Banpresto] My Pokemon Collection ~ Travel Companions ~ 2 (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Feraligatr, Meganium, Totodile, Typhlosion)


[TCG] Cardsleeves:
(32 pack non-exclusive) Mega Mewtwo X / Mega Mewtwo Y
(32 Pack Exclusive) Mega Absol, Zoroark Break
(62 Pack Exclusive) Pixel Pikachu, Substitute Plush, Pikachu Tail – Brown version
[TCG] Expansion Packs: Blue Shock / Red Flash
[TCG] Break Evolution Packs: Raichu Break / Noivern Break
[Pokemon Center Campaign] Buy 2 boxes of Blue Shock or Red Flash expansion packs and get 1 Premium Skyla card

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Card Sleeves, Fujita Collaboration, HG Misty Figure, Dot Sprite Series

Compared to last week’s Halloween Parade announcement, this week’s Pokemon news is a little lackluster…but at least we got something as opposed to nothing, so it could be worse!


We already knew about these Pokemon Center exclusive card sleeves coming out September 26th, but now we have higher quality photos of them.


Spinns clothing company is stocking three items from a mini collaboration between Pokemon and Nicole Fujita, a Japanese model. The skirt and t-shirt are already on sale, and the cardigan will be available sometime at the beginning of September.


New additions to the Dot Sprite series will go on sale in Pokemon Centers on September 19th. Up until now, the Dot Sprite series has mainly featured Pikachu and pokeballs, so the inclusion of the gen 1 starters is a welcome update.


The keychains are especially adorable.


The sticker sheets are also very cute, offering multiple sticker sizes for all your stickering needs and potential stickering situations.

The full line-up of this mini promotion includes:
A4 size clearfiles
Sticker sheets
Pass cases
T-shirt (M/L)


The next HG figure, Misty (Kasumi) is officially on pre-order at the Premium Bandai website, and will be available until October 30th.


Hopefully they won’t stop at Misty and will continue to bring out figures of the Red/Green gym leaders (because I want Sabrina!)

Incidentally, Brock is still available for pre-order, but time is running out; the pre-order cut off is August 31st.


Do you live in Japan and like temporary tattoos and Halloween? These “body stickers” are probably right up your alley!


Last but not least, if you live in Japan nearby to a Pokemon Center but not Yokohama and were bummed that you couldn’t see any of the cute Pikachu mascots, never fear! Between September 19th and the 23rd, otherwise known as “Silver Week”, various Pikachu mascots will be visiting all of the Pokemon Centers around Japan. On top of this joyous news, during this time period, you will get 1 of the 4 stickers shown in the photo if you spend 500 yen or more at the Pokemon Center.

Dot Sprite Series
Card Sleeves
Pokemon x Fujita Collaboration
Halloween Stickers
Silver Week Pikachu Campaign

Special Pokemon Announcements – TCG September Releases

Although not Friday, the official Pokemon website deigned to offer up some TCG related news today.




First up, new card sleeves! Sleeve day can be far to exciting or far too boring depending on the designs; with Substitute included in this batch, I have a feeling this release day will be tilted more toward far too exciting.

Mega Mewotwo X / Y sleeves will be available everywhere. Mega Absol, Pixel Pikachu, Substitute Plush, and Pikachu Tail (Brown Version) are all Pokemon Center exclusives. Zoroark Break sleeves are also Pokemon Center exclusive, but will be available at a couple electronics stores as well (Edion, Joshin Denki, Bic Camera, 100 Man Bolt, Yamada Denki, and Yodobashi Camera).

Release Date: September 26th


September 26th is also the release date for two new expansion packs: Blue Shock and Red Flash featuring Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. These two packs are also the first to introduce the new Break Evolution technique. With “Break Evolution”, you can evolve non-evolution Pokemon (like Zoroark) to a gold state where they become more powerful.


The illustration styles for the two packs are slightly different: Blue Shock’s theme is “city full of nature” with Red Flash featuring a “city of the future” theme.


As incentive to buy full boxes of the new expansion packs, Pokemon Center customers will receive 1 Premium Skyla card for purchasing 2 boxes of Blue Impact or Red Flash.


Also coming out on September 26th are these two Break Evolution Packs: Raichu Break and Noivern Break. Both packs evolution lines for Raichu and Noivern, as well as their Break Evolution card.



Last but not least, these two play mats will go on sale in Pokemon Card Game certified stores, including the Pokemon Center, on October 1st.

Deck Shields
Blue Impact / Red Flash
Skyla Premium Card
Break Evolution Packs
Play Mats