Merchandise Overview – September


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Halloween Circus
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Petit Pastel 2 (Ampharos, Cyndaquil, Gengar, Mudkip, Raichu)
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Metal Charms (Ditto, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Mew, Pichu, Raichu, Umbreon)
[Collaboration] Pre-orders start for Chan Luu bracelets (Espeon, Mew, Pikachu, Umbreon)


[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time Plush (Espeon, Sylveon, Umbreon)
[Banpresto] Kororin Friends – Large Gengar Plush


[] Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur rings go on sale


[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania – Pikachu Korotto Manmaru Plush (5 Types)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru Plush – (Absol, Chandelure, Zorua)


[TCG] Pokemon Card Game Art Collection (Book)
[TCG] New Card Sleeves (Pokemon Center Exclusive – 32 sleeves) Mega Mawile, Chansey, Misty + Psyduck, Charizard
[TCG] 20th Anniversary Expansion Pack
[TCG] 20th Anniversary Special Pack: Mega Slowpoke EX + Surfing Pikachu
[Merchandise] Pokemon Themed Portable Phone Chargers


[Pokemon Center] Masquerade Party
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush (Banette, Chandelure, Drifloon, Litwick)
[Pokemon Center] Monthly Pair Pikachu – October
[MetaColle] Iron Tail Pikachu, Snorlax, Charizard


[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania – Pikachu Face Cushions (2 Types)


[Pokemon Center] Hiroshima Carp Baseball Team x Magikarp Collaboration Re-release


[Collaboration] Spinns clothing sale starts

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Masquerade Party + Pokemon Villains

I thought this weekend might be fairly quiet for new Pokemon merchandise announcements, and I was almost right, but we did get two potentially juicy pieces.


Following in the footsteps of last year’s double Halloween events (Halloween Parade 2015 and Mystery Mansion), the Pokemon Center is bringing us another year of double Halloween promotions. Pokemon Halloween Circus was announced a few weeks ago and was released today (pictures coming soon!) and the Center just announced a more gothic themed Halloween promotion, Masquerade Party, coming to all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan on September 17th.

Although the majority of items included in the line-up are mainly focused on Gallade and Gardevoir, there are some items that contain the full Masquerade Party artwork, and the blind packaged charms also feature some of the supporting Pokemon wearing cute masquerade masks. Also of note is the collaboration necklace, with a charm that has both Mega Gardevoir and Mega Gallade together.

Full Line-Up


Wall Clock – 5,400 yen
Tote Bag – 3,780 yen


Pouch – 1,620 yen
Heat-Changing Mug – 1,404 yen


Hand Towel – 540 yen
Hoodie (S/M/L) – 6,048 yen


Sketchbook – 573 yen
Phone Case (Flip Style) – 3,240 yen


Acrylic Charm Collection – 540 yen (blind packaged)
Necklace – 27,000 yen

Not Pictured

Framed Illustration – 5,184 yen
Pass Case – 1,620 yen
Wallet – 3,780 yen
Hair Band – 1,080 yen
Foldable Mirror – 1,512 yen
A4 Clearfile – 260 yen


Not announced on the website but equally exciting, a Villains promotion will be coming to all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan October 8th. Along with super adorable Pikachu plush dressed in outfits from various “evil” organizations (Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, Team Plasma, and Team Flare) there will also be other merchandise featuring logo art of these aforementioned teams.

Full Line-Up

Villain Pikachu Plush – 2,160 yen
Villain Pikachu Mascot Plush – 1,296 yen


T-Shirt Collection (blind packaged) – 1,620 yen

Not Pictured

Pins Collection (blind packaged) – 410 yen
Team Rocket Hoodie (S/M/L) – 6,048 yen
Team Rocket Tie Pin – 2,106 yen
Team Rocket Necktie – 4,104 yen
Team Rocket Card Case – 8,640 yen
Team Rocket Wallet – 16,200 yen
Team Rocket Wristwatch – 5,400 yen
Team Rocket Fountain Pen – 4,320 yen
Hand Towel (Team Rocket | Group Design) – 540 yen
Team Rocket Handkerchief – 1,080 yen
Team Rocket Mug – 1,080 yen
Team Rocket Phone Case (iPhone 6 / 6s) – 3,240 yen
Team Rocket Cap – 3,240 yen
Team Rocket Knapsack – 9,180 yen
Magic Ink Set (Group Design) – 2,160 yen
Team Rocket 4 Color Ink Pen – 1,620 yen

There will also be several campaigns alongside this fun promotion, running from October 1st until November 11th.

1) During this time period, bring your 3DS or 2Ds with either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to Pokemon Centers around Japan for the chance to get one of 6 Pokemon associated with the boss of an evil organization.

The six Pokemon available as random event gifts will be: Nidoqueen (Giovanni), Camerupt (Maxie), Sharknado (Archie), Weavile (Cyrus), Hydreigon (Ghetsis), and Pyroar (Lysandre).


2) Special mini art cards will be given out randomly for every 3,000 yen spent at Pokemon Centers across Japan starting from October 1st until supplies run out.

3) Some Pokemon Center staff members will either dress up in cosplay or wear shirts for each team every weekend between October 1st and November 11th, as well as Monday, October 10th (a public holiday in Japan).

4) Starting from October 1st, customers who buy 5 expansion packs from any card series will receive an original design half-size playmat (while supplies last).

5) Starting from October 8th, Team Rocket will be taking over the Pokemon Center On-Line store, with the design of the on-line store, as well as the boxes used to ship orders out, changing to reflect the take-over. More information on this event will go public September 30th, so stay tuned!

Masquerade Party
Pokemon Villains + Pikachu