DokiDoki Contest Spectacular~

The Pokemon Center announced a few weeks back that the costumed Idol Pikachu would be making appearances at the Yokohama Center in relation to some sort of May/Idol Pikachu promotion, but never gave us any more information about this so-called promo other than the release date: June 20th.

They still never came through with an official merch list, but the items for the promotion have finally surfaced on Amazon, so here is an overview!

The DokiDoki Contest Spectacular line-up primarily features May/Idol Pikachu and Lisia/Mega Altaria, along with some guest appearances by Sylveon, Minun, and Plusle.



Mascot plush
Mega Altaria/Idol Pikachu
1,080 yen each



Idol Pikachu / May
Mega Altaria / Lisia
918 yen each


Can badge set
Idol Pikachu / May
Mega Altaria / Lisia
594 yen


Idol Pikachu hair clips
864 yen