Glow Up | Late Bloomer

Pokemon Center Glow Up Late Bloomer Collection

The “Glow-Up” collection includes a variety of merchandise featuring illustrations of Pokemon that have become stronger and more reliable upon evolving.

Hitting Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan October 26th (Saturday), this collection focuses on 8 main glow-up pairs (Dratini & Dragonite, Larvitar & Tyranitar, Bagon & Salamence, Gible & Garchomp, Deino & Hydreigon, Goomy & Goodra, Jangmo-o & Kommo-o, Beldum & Metagross) in super cute illustrations together that will be sure to warm your heart.

Highlights of the collection include: 3 plush of evolved Pokemon hugging their baby forms, mascot plush of the 8 featured Pokemon in their baby forms, a Dratini neck pillow, a Deino hand puppet, and a tissue box cover of Bagon on a roof because where else would he hang out when handing out tissues.

Other interesting items include an hourglass, a Goomy shower poof, and a super cute coffee mug with matching wooden case.

Name: Glow-Up (Late Bloomer)
Where: All Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan
Date: October 26th (Saturday)

Pokemon Center News

Items & Prices

Huggy Plush (Dratini & Dragonite, Larvitar & Tyranitar, Goomy & Goodra) – 3,300 yen each
Mascot Plush (Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Gible, Deino, Goomy, Jangmo-o) – 1,320 yen each

Dratini Neck Pillow – 2,750 yen
Bagon Tissue Box Cover – 2,750 yen
Deino Puppet – 1,760 yen
Goomy Bath Poof – 1,100 yen
Larvitar & Tyranitar Hourglass – 2,200 yen
Gible Coin Pouch – 1,650 yen
Jangmo-o & Kommo-o Key Case – 2,310 yen
Coffee Mug w/ Wooden Case – 1,870 yen

Acrylic Charm Collection – 550 yen
※ 8 designs total | blind packaged

iPhone Hybrid Glass Case (iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8) – 3,168 yen
Multi-Phone Flip Case – 3,300 yen

Mini Dice Bag – 495 yen
Dice Bag – 715 yen
Blanket – 3,080 yen
Hand Towel – 550 yen
Face Towel – 1,100 yen

A4 Clearfile Set – 506 yen
Sticky Note Set w/ Case – 770 yen
Sticker Assortment – 550 yen
Washi Tape Set – 660 yen

Charm Set (Dratini & Dragonite, Larvitar & Tyranitar, Beldum & Metagross, Gible & Garchomp, Deino & Hydreigon, Goomy & Goodra, Jangmo-o & Kommo-o) – 770 yen each

Card Pouch – 1,650 yen
Tote-Bag w/ Mini Bag – 1,980 yen
Pouch – 1,980 yen
Tupperware Set – 1,320 yen
Mini Thermos – 2,200 yen
Lucky Egg Chocolate – 770 yen
2-Tier Cookie & Candy Box – 1,375 yen

※ All prices include tax.

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October Merchandise Releases


[TCG] “Tag Team GX Tag Team All-Stars” Booster Pack
[TCG] Pokemon Card Game Black/White X/Y “Extra Regulation Box Set”
[TCG] Card Sleeve Designs [Island Deities, Fairy Picnic, Eevee Dash!, Mega Rayquaza, Dark Illusionist]
[TCG] Deck Case [Eevee Dash!, Dark Illusionist]
[TCG] Rubber Play Mat [Eevee Dash!]


[Pokemon Center] 24 Jikan Pokemon Chu


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Stairs Part 2 (Pikachu, Charmander, Wooper/Ditto, Larvitar, Rockruff, Umbreon)


[Banpresto] Extra Large Dedenne Plush
[Banpresto] Pokemon Focus – Legendary Pokemon Large Plush (Latios, Latias)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Focus – Legendary Pokemon Plush (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Rock Festival
[Pokemon Center] Ditto Transform! Volume 9 (Muk, Exeggutor, Mew, Wobbuffet, Mimikyu)


[Banpresto] Large Cuddling Plush (Pikachu, Raichu)
[Banpresto] Cuddling Plush (Pichu, Teddiursa, Plusle, Minun)


[Re-Ment] Pokemon Terrarium Collection Part 7 (Pikachu & Growlithe, Farfetch’d, Gardevoir, Raikou, Cleffa & Phanpy, Mewtwo)
[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time – Extra Large Ditto Plush
[Banpresto] Large Face Cushions (Slowpoke, Snorlax)


[Banpresto] Pokemon – Large Christmas Stocking Pikachu Plush (2 Designs)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru – Large Sleeping Plush (Slowpoke, Seel, Snorlax)


[San-ei] Big More Gengar Plush


[Pokemon Center] All Glowed Up / Late Bloomer


[Important] Miki’s Birthday!
[Pokemon] Detective Pikachu Blu-Ray Release
[Pokemon] Detective Pikachu Wrinkled Plush

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu & Eevee 7 Days + Misc Pokemon Summer Merchandise

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu & Eevee 7 Days + Misc Pokemon Summer Merchandise

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another catch-up Pokemon Center report post.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Eevee 7 Days Story

The super cute Pikachu & Eevee 7 Days Story promotion went on sale July 21st (Saturday).

Although there weren’t any plush in the line-up, there were still plenty of cute things!

7 Days 1

The main highlight were 7 matching Pikachu & Eevee pins, with 14 designs in total.

The pins were each sold separately, however the Pokemon Center offered a deal where if you bought 1 Pikachu and 1 Eevee they gave you a small discount.

7 Days 2

Cute necklaces! One for Pikachu and one for Eevee.

7 Days 3

Cute hair ties! There were two designs each for Pikachu and Eevee: one round or oval version and one bow shaped version.

7 Days 4

This promotion had a bunch of cute clothing items and bags (including the Eevee shirt and hoodie pictured above).

The skirt ended up being surprisingly popular as it was one of the first items to sell out.

Pokemon Center Nihonbashi Pikachu

We’ll close up today’s post with a couple random pictures from the newly opened Pokemon Center in Nihonbashi and Mega Tokyo!

Nihonbashi 1

Walls and walls of cute Pokemon plush – is this heaven?

Pokemon Center Pokemon Fit Plush

Display of some of the plush from the previously released Pokemon Fit series.

Pikachu Plush

Super cute Pikacu plush!

Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush Mega Tokyo

Larger sized Pokemon Center exclusive plush from the Johto and Alola regions.

2018 Summer Movie Bags

Cute tote-bags featuring Pikachu and Eevee as part of the 2018 Pokemon summer movie promotional merch.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Dress-Up Plush

An adorable pair of Pikachus, dressed in their Sunday best!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report~

Until next time!

Pokemon Center Report – Tropical Sweets + Summer Time + Poke-Maniac + PokeCen Plush & Releases

Pokemon Center Report – Tropical Sweets + Summer Time + Poke-Maniac + PokeCen Plush & Releases

Hello everyone!

A lot has come out starting from the end of June and past mid July, when the annual summer Pokemon movie was released in movie theaters, but before I dive into the first of several posts, a quick announcement.

Miki Pokemon Patreon postcard

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Miki Pokemon t-shirts & mugs

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Pokemon Center Pikachu balloons

I have a bunch of photos from the Pokemon Center (thanks to the lovely Jen from and will be posting catch-up entries over the next few weeks.

Poke-Maniac Plush

On June 30th, the four Pikachu cosplay plush from the very tiny Poke-Maniac promotion were released.

In order from left to right, Pikachu is dressed as: The Poke-Maniac (cosplaying as a Pokemon), Charizard, Hydreigon, and Tyranitar.

Tropical Sweets

On July 7th, the Pokemon Tropical Sweets promotion was released in Pokemon Centers, alongside the start of the summer exclusive menu items at the Pokemon Cafe in Nihonbashi.

Of special note from this release are the mascot plush designed to look like frosted cookies: Pikachu, Eevee, Alolan Vulpix, and Snorlax. And special Ditto mascot cookie is currently available exclusively through the Pokemon Cafe.

July Poke-Cen Plush

On July 13th, three Pokemon Center exclusive plush were released: Chansey, Sudowoodo, and a huge Snorlax.

Pika Red

Along with the Pikachu & Red mini promotion, featuring original artwork by Sugimoto

Pokemon Center summer time promotion plush

And the Pokemon Summer Time promotion.

Summer Plush

Along with plenty of cute, summer themed items, the highlights included these four plush: Boy Pikachu, Girl Pikachu, Snorlax, and Rowlet.

3 Coins

On the following day (July 14th), 3 Coins, a popular discount store, started their Pokemon Center collaboration.

Shoulder Mascot Plush

Fast forwarding a bit, these cute mascot plush (Pikachu, Eevee, and Mimikyu) were released without much fanfare on July 28th.

Pokemon Center Tokyo Pikachu Mega Charizard

That wraps up this post, but we still have plenty more to cover, so stay tuned!

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Friday Pokemon Announcements – Poke-Maniac Plush + Thunder Spark TCG + Pokemon Showa-Note

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Poke-Maniac Plush + Thunder Spark TCG + Pokemon Showa-Note

Hello everyone!

I predicted this week would be boring and I was unfortunately correct.

But we did get a couple announcements.

Pokemon Center Poke Maniac Plush

Although not news, the official Pokemon Center website finally announced the Poke-Maniac plush coming out June 30th (Saturday). Also confirmed that the plush are the only items in this release.

There are four plush in the set: Charizard, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and Poke-Maniac costume. Each plush costs 2,484 yen after tax.

Pre-orders through

Pokemon Center TCG Thunder Spark

The next booster set, “Thunder Spark” (SM7a), featuring the first official Zeraora card, will go on sale July 6th (Friday).

Each pack will cost 162 yen and contains 5 random cards.

Pokemon Center TCG Zekrom GX

Starting July 6th, f you purchase 1 box of “Thunder Spark” cards (30 packs) from a certified Pokemon Gym store, you will get one of these nifty Zekrom GX cards. 1 card per 30 packs and while supplies last.

Pokemon Center Showa Note Pikachu

Last but not least, Showa Note has produced a collaboration series with the Pokemon Center. The line-up features every day items, including pouches, bags, wallets, and other related items.

Pokemon Center Showa Note Pikachu

All the items are made of PU leather and are available in four designs, with each design featuring one of four playing card themed Pikachu designs.

Showa Note 1

Pen Case – 1,620 yen each
Pen Pouch – 1,836 yen each
ID Card Case – 1,728 yen each
Pass Case – 1,512 yen each

Showa Note 2

Book Cover – 1,512 yen each
Accessory Pouch – 2,376 yen each
Glasses Case – 1,944 yen each
Shoulder Bag – 3,024 yen each

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

The main release for this weekend is the June Bride themed Precious Wedding promotion.

Pre-order through

Until next time~

Poke-Maniac Plush
Pokemon TCG: Thunder Spark
Showa Note Pokemon Center Collaboration