Friday Pokemon Announcements – 5108 Necklaces + Mezase Pokemon Master CD + Pokemon Tails Promo Sneak Peek

Friday Pokemon Announcements – 5108 Necklaces + Mezase Pokemon Master CD + Pokemon Tails Promo Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

Friday’s Pokemon announcements were a little lackluster but I still have some exciting news!

First up… the exciting news~

A couple years ago, there was a super cute promo featuring Pokemon Tails. How long ago? It featured Minccino so we’re talking Gen 5 era.

Well, the promo is returning December 16th, 2017 with a brand new line-up of cute Pokemon Tails merchandise!

I was hoping the Center would formally announce the promo this past Friday, which they didn’t, so for now all we have is this sneak preview poster that they put up in Pokemon Centers across Japan.

As of right now, these items are confirmed as part of the line-up:

Mascot Tail Plush (Alola Vulpix / Umbreon / Espeon / Sylveon / Mimikyu) – 756 yen each
Mascot Paw Plush (Eevee / Lucario / Alola Vulpix / Bewear) – 648 yen each
Tail Mugs (Espeon / Umbreon / Mimikyu) – 1,512 yen each
Pikachu Tote-Bag – 2,160 yen
Bewear iPhone Case (8/7/6s/6) – 2,030 yen
Pikachu Clock – 3,780 yen

More information coming as soon as we know it!

For anyone interested, I will be doing pick-ups for this promo. My list of items and prices can be seen here.

5108 x Pokemon necklaces return to Pokemon Centers December 9th (Saturday). These necklaces combine Pokemon with phrases and are referred to as “word necklaces”.


The line-up includes:

Mimikyu, Popplio, Rowlet, Litten, Cosmog, Electric Pikachu, Alola Exeggutor, Pyukumuku, Unknown x 2, Bewear, Alola Vulpix, and three extra Pikachu designs.

Each necklace will retail for 4,104 yen after tax.

Last but not least, the single for the Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary – song featured in the 2017 summer Pokemon movie will go on sale November 29th (Wednesday). There will be two versions: the normal version (2,160 yen) and the first press release (2,700 yen).

Track Listing:
Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary –
Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu – 2017 Ver. –
Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary Ballad Ver. –
Getta Ban-Ban – Ash with Pikachu Ver. –
Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary – (Instrumental)
Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu – 2017 Ver. – (Instrumental)
Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary Ballad Ver. – (Instrumental)

The first press release will also include the following DVD footage from the anime.
Mezase Pokemon Master – 20th Anniversary – anime video
Alola!! anime video
XY&Z anime video

That wraps up the Friday announcements!

Stay tuned for more Pokemon fun and facts~

5108 Pokemon Necklaces
Mezase Pokemon Master CD Release

Its’Demo x Pokemon Collaboration: Pokemon Love Its’Demo (Christmas 2017 Edition)

Its’Demo x Pokemon Collaboration: Pokemon Love Its’Demo (Christmas 2017 Edition)

Today (technically yesterday at this point) marked the second half of the most recent Its’Demo x Pokemon collaboration promotion.

The release today featured bunch of new merchandise with cute Christmas themed illustrations along with 6 watches (2 types, 3 per type) that everyone has been eagerly awaiting since they were hinted at in promotional pamphlets a few weeks ago.

Before we dive into the promotion… what exactly is Its’Demo?

Its’Demo (pronounced Eetsoo-dehmoh) is a brand store aimed at women from late teens to 30s/40s designed to provide a variety of goods from clothing to cosmetics to cute novelties to candy. Its’Demo stores are generally located in malls and in or near train stations and are open late so you can shop in them after work. Its’Demo is completely separate from the Pokemon Center, and usually the Its’Demo collaboration goods are exclusive to Its’Demo locations.

If you follow my blog, you know that I’m no stranger to Its’Demo releases and the stress they cause.

Knowing that some sort of jewelry was involved and needing to try and get a couple, I was determined to not let Necklace Fiasco: The Ultimate Betrayal happen again by getting to the closest store location early and waiting until opening. As with all good plans, mine went astray when I couldn’t wake up, however it worked out because even being half an hour later than planned, I was the first person there.

When the shutters opened promptly at 10 am, there was still only a few people besides me in line, so it was already shaping up to be a much more promising experience.


Everyone waiting for watches was escorted to the back of the store upon opening where they had all the watches laid out in a box. I guess Its’Demo is finally learning about stocking things because at least at my location there was quite a lot of each type of watch.

There were two band types (a chain and a leather looking type) and three designs per band.

I thought the Vulpix design on the gold band was the prettiest but everyone seemed to love the leather band Vulpix the most. If only I wore watches, I definitely would have gotten one of the chain bands!

The watches were limited 1 per person according to the signs, but actually it was 1 per receipt. So in other words, if you wanted multiple watches, you would have to buy one then go through the queue again for the second.

Once I purchased the magical watch I went back to the front of the store where the Pokemon merch was only to see this group of three people with two baskets full of the new Santa Pikachu plush. Thankfully, once again Its’Demo seems to better understand stock as one of the staff members came out immediately after with a lot more of the plushies for everyone, which was a relief.

Santa Chu is a girl, by the way!

There was also some mascot plush, although not exactly what I was expecting!


There were three face mascot plush (Pikachu, Cyndaquil, and Charmander) and 2 little pom-pom plush (one pictured here with a Vulpix charm and one with a Pikachu charm).

They’re cute! And I love the little Cyndaquil with the eyelashes, but the Vulpix promotion had no Vulpix plush so I was expecting the Vulpix plush to appear in the second round. Nope. Maybe next time.

As with most Its’Demo promos, there was a lot of every day use goods like pouches, towels, more pouches, and stationary things like stickers, notebooks, and clearfiles!


Some items of note: the two new bow pens in black and red, the super cute heart-shaped mini mirror, and the shell phone case instead of all flip cases.


Also of note, these two adorable sets of tupperware!


Next up: cosmetics!

There was the usual foundation packs, plus skin cream and mini sized hand lotions, along with a plethora of nail polish which you can’t ship over seas since they’re classified as explosives.

Last and certainly not least… snacks!

This promo had an abundance of candies and cookies, perfect for the sweet tooth Pokemon lover in your life.


The cutest item from the snack selection was the ornament shaped candy tin (pictured first) followed by the adorable mini sized square tin.

Not forgetting the cookie cup! The cup has a bunch of cute fire Pokemon on it, including Cyndaquil, and also comes with Pokemon shaped cookies. What more could you ask for?

That wraps up the latest Pokemon Love Its’Demo collaboration release!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Eevee Poncho Promo

Pokemon Center Report – Eevee Poncho Promo

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another review of a recent Pokemon Center Release.

When I saw the little preview banner for the Eevee Poncho promo on the official Pokemon Center website, my heart skipped a beat.

Thankfully (or the opposite if you were hoping for more) the line-up of goods were fairly limited, with the main focus being on…



There were 8 plushies in total, with Eevee wearing a cute poncho of each currently existing Eeveelution: Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.

The hoodies can be lowered if you want, although it’s a little tricky to get Eevee’s ears back up into the hoodie ear spaces, so keep that in mind.


There were also 8 matching smaller sized mascot plush for each normal sized plush.

I’m not sure if these hoods can also be lowered, but I would assume it would be a little more tricky just because of the size.


There was also a couple non-plush items (shocking!) including clearfiles (one for each Eeveelution hoodie) and a set of blind packaged tins. There were 9 possible designs, with the 9th being a secret design (spoilers: it’s a design that has all of the Eeveelution ponchos).

There was also 8 different sets of card sleeves, with each pack containing 64 sleeves.

Advertised separately but still a part of the Eevee Poncho series was this super cute Eevee Poncho gacha set, which came out on the same day.

There were 8 possible figures in total and no secret figures.


A good friend of mine was visiting Japan during the Eevee Poncho release and not only sent me pictures from the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center but also picked up Umbreon and Sylveon poncho plushies for me as a (birthday) gift! They’re both so cute, and the little ponchos are so soft 😍

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

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Banpresto November Prize Overview

Hello everyone!

First up, exciting news! The official Mikitzune Facebook page is up and running! I’ll be posting there with Pokemon news, information on items I’m picking up while in Japan, and various other fun things.

I also created a page here where I’ll also be listing items for pick-up. If there’s anything you’re interested in, either get in touch through my FB or contact me through my contact page~

Moving on!

November brings us a bunch of new additions to the Korotto Manmaru line, finishes off the most recent Kutsurogi Time Eeveelution plushes, and begins Christmas themed plushies~

First up – Kutsurogi Time!

All of these plush are “big size”, measuring roughly 25 cm from head to tail.

Leafeon and Glaceon will start appearing in game centers from November 9th (Thursday).
Espeon and Umbreon will start appearing in game centers from November 23rd (Thursday).

Moving on to… Korotto Manmaru!

The smaller sized plush measure roughly 13 cm from head to butt, while the two larger plush are 26 cm long each.

The four smaller sized Korotto Manmaru plush (Charizard + Dragonite ; winking + sitting versions) will start appearing in game centers from November 9th (Thursday).
The two larger sized Korotto Manmaru plush (Charizard + Dragonite) will start appearing in game centers from November 23rd (Thursday).

There will also be two more sets of the smaller sized (13 cm) Korotto Manmaru plush.

The Fire Type set, including Charmander, Tepig, and Fennekin, will start appearing in game centers from November 16th (Thursday).
The Water Type set, including Totodile, Piplup, Mudkip, and Popplio, will start appearing in game centers from November 23rd (Thursday).

There will also be new plush added to the general Pokemon Sun & Moon line-up.

Pikachu and Dusk Lycanroc (each measuring 24 cm) will start appearing in game centers from November 9th (Thursday).
The die-cut Eevee blanket (measuring 141 cm) will start appearing in game centers from November 16th (Thursday).

And of course not forgetting the start of the Christmas plush!

Extra large Santa Chu (measuring roughly 35 cm) will start appearing in game centers from November 9th (Thursday).
The two Christmas Stocking Pikachu plush (each measuring 26 cm) will start appearing in game centers from November 16th (Thursday).

That wraps up the Pokemon prizes coming out in November!

I will be offering pick-ups for some of these plush. If you’re interested, check out my pick-ups page here!

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Halloween Time

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Halloween Time

The Pokemon Halloween Time promotion actually went on sale last month, but what better time to report on it then on actual Halloween!


There were three normal sized plushies as part of the 2017 Halloween promotion: Pikachu (dressed as a ghost), Mimikyu (dressed as a scarecrow), and Bewear (dressed as Dusclops).

All plush come with a matching die-cut tag with an illustration version of each Pokemon dressed in their costume.


There were also four mascot sized plushies! Litten (dressed as Woobat), Rowlet (wearing a pumpkin hat), Popplio (with a pumpkin on his nose!), and Eevee (dressed as Umbreon?)

They’re all adorable!


There were also two types of squishy rubber mascots: Ghost Pikachu and Pumpkin Mimikyu! Perfect for relieving stress and also looking cute.

My favorite item was the set of Halloween mugs! These mugs are probably smaller than you’re expecting but they’re so cute!! One cup features Ghost Pikachu and the other Scarecrow Mimikyu.

My girlfriend bought a set to share with me and it’s literally the cutest thing in the world.


More neat items! A super cute Ghost Pikachu plush pass case and a little Ghost Pikachu hand towel designed to look like a ghost!


More cute stuff! This is actually one pouch with one side featuring Pikachu and the opposite side featuring Mimikyu.


Of course what is any Pokemon Center promotion without metal charms? This promo had two sets of charms, with each set including 4 designs.

There was also a logo pin (of course), cute mis-matched earrings, and a cute little Pokemon Halloween themed memo set for when you want to leave little notes for your friends or to send in the mail.

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!