Merchandise Overview – May


[Bandai] Pokemon Doll (Boy Pikachu, Girl Pikachu, Ditto Pikachu, Sailor Pikachu, King Pikachu, Mimikyu)
[Takara Tomy] Pop’n Step Figures (Eevee, Pikachu)


[TCG] Champion Road Booster Pack (SM6b)
[Pokemon Center] Zeraora Plush
[Pokemon Center] “Everyone’s Story” Movie Merchandise


[Banpresto] Mogu-Mogu Time – Rice Bowls (Pikachu, Snorlax)
[Banpresto] Mogu-Mogu Time – Large Plush (Pikachu, Rowlet)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Extra Large Plush (Slowpoke)


[Banpresto] Kororin Friends – Large Plush (Leafeon, Glaceon)
[Banpresto] Kororin Friends – Large Plush (Espeon, Umbreon)


[Pokemon Center] Saiko Soda
[Pokemon Center] Pikachu’s Closet – Raincoat Outfit, Argyle Outfit, Substitute Plush Look, Marine Look


[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru Series – Large Plush (Psyduck, Gyarados, Feebas)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru Series – Large Plush (Milotic, Lapras, Magikarp)


[Banpresto] Kororin Friends – Extra Large Plush (Eevee)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Life With Pikachu – Extra Large Face Cushion (Pikachu)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Dolls
[Pokemon Center] Oedo Part 3
[Ichiban Kuji] Pokemon Hey! Pikachu & Friends
[Takara Tomy] Ultra Guardians Plush (Pikachu, Dusk Lycanroc)
[Takara Tomy] Battle Action Plush (Lugia)
[MonColle] Pokeball Collection (Premium Ball, Dive Ball)
[MonColle] Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, Kyogre


[Bandai] Twinkle Dolly (Eevee, Pikachu, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon)


[Ensky] Eevee Evolutions Part 2 Paper Theater

Pokemon Center Report – Past Release Catch-Up

Pokemon Center Report – Past Release Catch-Up

Hello everyone!

This past Friday gave us no news, and there wasn’t really any releases over the weekend either, so I apologize for the quiet.

This post will cover a couple smaller releases that’s happened over the past few weeks!

A set of new can badges from the Pokemon With You charity line came out March 10th.

Pokemon With You Badges March

The line-up included: Dusk Lycanroc, Lucario, Ditto, Vulpix, Latios, Latias, Tapu Lele, Shaymin, Pichu, and Dedenne.

Chokorisan Plush

Takara Tomy has a series of plush called “Chokorisan” and a set of Pokemon plush from this series came out around March 15th.

The release included: Pikachu, Ash, Psyduck, Misty, Vulpix, Brock, Meowth, Jesse, and James.

March PokeCen Plush

Three “new” Pokemon Center exclusive plush were released around Japan March 24th.

This small batch included Lucario, Piplup, and Croagunk.

Ultra Beast Plush

An Ultra Beast promotion, which included a bunch of plush, also came out March 24th at Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan.

Ultra Beast plush included: Kartana, Poipole (not pictured), Nihilego, Pheromosa, Blacephalon, Xurkitree, Guzzlord, Stakataka, Buzzwole, and Celesteela.

This wraps up today’s short(er) catch-up post!

This amazingly adorable and impossibly fluffy Eevee plush was revealed yesterday via the Project_Eevee Twitter account. At this point all we know is this plush is from an up-coming Pokemon Center release scheduled for sometime in April. Fingers crossed we get more info on him tonight!

Until next time~

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokedolls + Pokemon Center Plush + Pikachu’s Sweet Treats + Sinnoh Badges + Rainbow Rocket

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokedolls + Pokemon Center Plush + Pikachu’s Sweet Treats + Sinnoh Badges + Rainbow Rocket

Hello everyone!

Quick reminder before we get into the news:
I’m still offering Pokemon Center pick-ups until I leave Japan!
The main pick-up page is here.
Click here for Pikachu’s Sweet Treats
Pokedolls, Ditto Transform!, Pokemon with You badges, and more can be found here

If you’re interested in placing an order, either get in touch with me via my contact form or send me a Tweet/DM over on Twitter!

Pokedolls return to Pokemon Centers in Japan starting January 1st, 2018!

I’m not sure if this was done on purpose as 2018 is the year of the dog, and in general the Pokemon Center doesn’t come out with animal related merch like basically every other company in Japan does, but let’s pretend it wasn’t coincidental. Pokedolls!

Lycanroc Pokedolls

There will be three Pokedolls in total for this release: Midday Lycanroc, Midnight Lycanroc, and Dusk Lycanroc. Each plush will cost 1,296 yen after tax.

New Pokemon Center exclusive plush will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan starting January 20th (Saturday)!

Unlike most sets, this release will only have two plush and one is Pichu so that’s.. exciting? But the other is… Typhlosion?? Okay, Pokemon Center. A little exciting! Will we get Feraligatr and Meganium at some point? Who knows! Fingers crossed!?

Regional can badges returns to the Pokemon Center January 20th (Saturday) with a collection of Sinnoh region trainers, gym leaders, and their beloved Pokemon companions!

There are 18 badge designs in total and each badge costs 300 yen and are sold blind packaged because of course.

Rainbow Rocket will be doing a take-over of all the Pokemon Centers and stores in Japan starting January 20th and running until March 11th. During this time, special Pokemon will be distributed for the Ultra Sun & Moon games, people dressed as the bosses will make guest appearances at Pokemon Centers around Japan, and there will, of course be Rainbow Rocket related merchandise.

Secret Teams Pikachu Plush

Not officially announced yet through the Pokemon Center website but still exciting are the dress-up Pikachu plush, one for each of the 7 bosses (Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, and of course, Guzma). I’ll have more information on these Pikachus with the next update happening next year.

Rainbow Rocket Items

The items announced Friday December 22nd that will go on sale starting January 20th include:

Mini Bath Towel – 2,160 yen
Post Card – 162 yen
Tapestry – 3,240 yen
A5 Ringed Notebook – 702 yen
Clear File – 260 yen

Also not formally announced yet but still exciting… a Giovanni Nendoroid is coming!

Pre-orders will open January 19th (Friday). An actual announcement with prices and a release date will also be forth coming, so stay tuned.

Last and certainly not least: a brand new sweet’s themed Pokemon Center promotion called Pikachu’s Sweet Treats!

This promo, which I strongly feel is this (2018) year’s Valentine’s Day promo, will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores January 13th (Saturday).

Everything featured is adorable and precious and I love it! The theme is, unsurprisingly, sweets, and there is a variety of items from towels to the cute Pikachu pair plush to cookie cutters to a couple different chocolate snacks, and of course much more.

Full Merch Line-Up

Pikachu Pair Plush – 3,024 yen

Sweet Treats 1

Heart Shaped Cushion – 3,240 yen
Keychain Charm – 1,296 yen
Metal Charm Set – 648 yen
Heart Shaped Mug Cup – 1,296 yen
Cookie Shaped Pouch – 1,728 yen

Sweet Treats 2

A4 Clearfile – 260 yen
Set of Mini Towels – 1,080 yen
Dice Bag – 648 yen
Hand Towel – 540 yen
Place Mat – 540 yen
Mini Gift Bags (Pink) – 540 yen
Mini Gift Bags (Brown) – 324 yen
Mini Paper Bags – 432 yen

Sweet Treats 3

Cookie Cutters – 1,080 yen
Silicon Molds – 1,296 yen
Box of Chocolates – 864 yen
Strawberry Cookies – 810 yen
Pikachu Cups w/ Chocolates – 648 yen

Not Pictured

Memo Set – 702 yen
Rolled Sheet of Stickers – 648 yen

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center announcements!

Until next time~

New Years Pokedolls
Sinnoh Can Badges
January Pokemon Center Plush
Rainbow Rocket Takeover
Pikachu’s Sweet Treats

Merchandise Overview – December


[Pokemon Center] Pikachu’s Closet: Formal Clothing Set
[Pokemon Center] Original Charm Keychains (Alola Vulpix, Mimikyu, Cosmog, Solgaleo, Lunala)
[Collaboration] Itoen vending machine Pikachu Invasion blind packaged figure distribution starts
[Nendoroid] Lana Nendoroid pre-order starts


[Candy] Pokemon Get Collection Candy Sun & Moon Part 2 (Primarina, Incineroar, Decidueye, Mimikyu, Pikachu, Mareanie, Bewear, Charjabug, Dusk Lycanroc, Alola Vulpix)


[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Purapura Charms (Pikachu, Vulpix, Alola Vulpix)
[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time Plush (Boy Pikachu x 2, Girl Pikachu x 2)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru Large Plush (Litten, Rowlet, Popplio)


[TCG] Booster Pack “Ultra Sun” / “Ultra Moon”
[TCG] Premium Trainers Box: Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
[TCG] Card Sleeves: Ultra Sun & Moon, Cynthia, Volkner, Lucario, Lillie, Umbreon & Espeon, Pyukumuku
[TCG] Deck Cases: Umbreon & Espeon, Ultra Sun & Moon
[TCG] Cynthia Rubber Play Mat


[Pokemon Center] 5108 Pokemon Necklaces
[Takara Tomy] Lillie’s Alolan Vulpix Plush 1:1 Size


[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru Plush – Grass Type (Bulbasaur, Snivy, Chespin)
[Banpresto] Large Snorlax Piggy Bank
[Banpresto] Kororin Friends – Large Plush (Growlithe, Arcanine)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Tails Promotion
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush (Gardevoir, Wailord, Tapu Lele)


[Re-Ment] Bakery in the Blue Sky


[Banpresto] Kutsurogi Time Large Plush (Girl Pikachu, Boy Pikachu)


[Banpresto] *Namco Exclusive* Extra Large Plush – Dress-Up Pikachu (2 Designs)
[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru – Water Types (Squirtle, Oshawott, Froakie)
[Banpresto] Kororin Friends Large Plush (Riolu, Lucario)


[Pokemon Center] Ditto Transform! Plush and Mascot Plush (Alola Vulpix, Electrode, Absol, Shaymin, Whimsicott)
[Pokemon Center] Ditto Transform! Gacha Figures Vol 5 (Magikarp, Lapras, Omanyte, Dragonite, Sableye)
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Badges (Sylveon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Incineroar, Decidueye, Primarina, Bewear, Togedemaru)
[G.E.M.] Lillie & Vulpix figure


[Banpresto] I Love Mew Plush (Sitting, Jumping, Sleeping)
[Banpresto] I Love Mew – Extra Large Plush (Mew)


[MonColle] Crabrawler

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Game Release Day

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Game Release Day

Hello everyone!

It’s been busy since I arrived in Japan so I apologize for the delay in Pokemon Center Reports. With not much happening this weekend (and not much that happened last weekend) I’ll be doing my best to catch up before next weekend.

This year’s release, compared to last year’s, was a little lackluster. There was no new Pokemon which was the main reason why it was so quiet, and the big promo release was the Alola Ultra Adventure which, while “exciting” is also not really exciting. So with that in mind, I decided to not show up super early since I just didn’t see a reason to. Arriving about an hour early gave me enough time to wait in line and build the anticipation while also not going overboard.

USM Store

I haven’t been to the Mega Tokyo Center since May and the first thing I noticed was the outside had been redecorated for the 20th anniversary. The screenshots from the various anime seasons makes the outside of the Pokemon Center a lot more fun vs the plain white walls from before.

The main merch and plush releases centered around Necrozma and his two new forms from the Ultra Sun & Moon games: Dusk Mane and Dawn Wing.

USM Plush

There were three plush, one for each form, all of which were pretty difficult to photograph (I did my best!)

Along with large sized acrylic charms of the Necrozmas plus Dusk Lycanroc (who already had a plush release a month back), we also got dex metal charms for Dusk Lycanroc, Dusk Necrozma, and Dawn Necrozma.

A couple new MonColle figures came out on Friday, November 17th.

USM MonColle

The highlights include Necrozma, Dusk Necrozma, Dawn Necrozma, and not forgetting Dusk Lycanroc.

Some of the larger items from the aforementioned Ultra Alola Adventure promo, including the adorable Pikachu ear hats and Pikachu hoodies.

USM Surprise

Similar to the last two game releases, two unannounced mini promos were released alongside the game merch items. These promos are aimed towards school kids with the majority of items being things like pencils, erasers, rulers, more erasers, small pouches, and notebooks.

Both line-ups have the same items with different illustrations with one being aimed more toward girls (the super cute pink one) and one aimed more toward boys (the ultra mega beast rawr design).

USM Cookies

There were no surprise cookie tins, but there were surprise blind packaged cookie bags. These bags, which come with a random Pokemon badge inside, is the bane of my existence, as I never get the badge I want and these badges almost never turn up afterward on auction sites.

Case in point: I did not want Necrozma.

So of course both bags I bought were Necrozma.

On the TCG front, a Solgaleo and Lunala GX card set went on sale, along with a deck box plus original card sleeve set from the Alola Ultra Adventure series.

There were also a couple releases on November 17th that weren’t related to the new game.

USM Ditto 1

Ditto Charms!

These charm came packaged in sets of 3 with 6 sets in total.

USM Ditto 2

The charms were double sided, with one side being a normal version of the Pokemon and the other being a Ditto version (adorable!)

A bunch of new plush from the San-ei All Stars collection was released November 17th, with notable Pokemon including Absol, Chandelure, Drifloon, and Flaaffy.

USM Mocchi Mascot

Last and not least, the Mocchi-Mocchi line of super soft and squishy plush released a couple mascot sized face plushies, including Bewear, Mimikyu, Rowlet, and Snorlax!

That wraps this latest and exciting Pokemon Center Report.

In a few hours, we will hopefully get news on the up-coming Pokemon Tails promo. Stay tuned!