Friday Pokemon Announcements – N…endoroid!

Today’s announcements were pretty quiet…


Except for the sudden news of an up-coming N Nendoroid figure!


Along with the usual replaceable faces, arms, and legs, N will also come with a pokeball and a Pokemon companion: Reshiram.


Although Reshiram doesn’t have replaceable parts, his arms (wings), legs, and head are poseable!



Not big news and semi lost in the shuffle, these hand towels are currently on sale in Pokemon Centers. These designs are perfect if you love more artistic Pokemon designs.


Finally, a Ghost type addition to the “Pokemon Ippai” gacha line will go on sale across Japan from October 31st. 1 try should be 300 yen and there are 5 possible figures (Banette, Cofagrigus, Gengar, Litwick, Pumpkaboo)

Edit: 7.10

A surprise set of petit plush appeared on the Pokemon Amazon site for pre-order and should already be available to buy directly from the Pokemon Center starting from 7/11 (today in Japan).


The newest set features Chandelure, Dragonite, Jirachi, Litwick, and Victini.