Pokemon Center Report – PokeKyun Collection

The PokeKyun concept pack came out on Friday the 29th and I was there at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center, bright and early, for card fun and festivities! The train ride in to the city was especially smushy because for some reason every time trains would go through this one specific station on my train line, the doors wouldn’t open and they literally had to turn each train off and on again, leading to delays upon delays. But I did it for Pokemon!


Aside from the card packs themselves, there were two bonus items that came out on Friday that were card related. Bonus item 1 were these Premium PokeKyun Box Sets.


This display features the contents of the premium box (sheet of stickers, card sleeves, deck box, long box, Shaymin EX card). The cards in the back are samples of the cards that are available through the concept pack.


Item number 2 I didn’t know about until I saw it in person.


This mini binder set is exclusive to Pokemon Centers and 7-11. Each set comes with 1 mini binder to store you cute cards in as well as two packs of PokeKyun cards.


I had to buy one of the binder sets for myself. Here is one side…


..and the back with Diancie.


Pokemon Center Report – April 1

The Pokemon Center usually releases new items on Saturdays, so it’s always a little weird when something is released during the week.

Because of that, all day today I’ve been thinking it’s Saturday instead of Wednesday. Hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow, I’ll realize it’s Thursday and not Sunday…but maybe not. Can we just skip to Sunday?

That it was Wednesday instead of Saturday put a damper on my morning commute. Even on the weekends, the trains are crowded, but rush hour during the week?


I ended up arriving a little too early. I was expecting at least a couple people to be there, waiting, and there was no one. Cue two hours of wasting time.


Finally, the Pokemon Center opened at 10 am. The “big” new release for the day was Gallade card sleeves.


As opposed to most card sleeve packs, which are sold as half decks and contain 32 sleeves per pack, these Gallade packs contain enough for a full deck (60) plus 2 extra sleeves.

There was an entire wall full of sleeves when I arrived and only a few people buying, so there is a good chance these sleeves will last longer than a week at the very least.


On the way to the registers, I noticed this display for the up-coming Cynthia Nendoroid. I love how Garchomp, her Pokemon companion, is as big as she is, especially considering how Red’s Pokemon companions were all tiny.

There are no releases this weekend, but we have official news on Friday to look forward to, and the weekend after will have lots of Pikachus and Raichus!

Pikachus and Fire Foxes

Today was a day for packages!

I was interested in getting one of the smaller mascot plush versions of the Okinawa Pokemon Center Pikachus, but lacking friends currently living in Okinawa, I bought one through a second hand seller via Yahoo!Japan auction. The seller shipped out my plush a few days ago and he arrived today.


His nose is a little shoved to the side, but otherwise, he is the perfect size for displaying and very soft and cute!

Usually I would follow this up with, “I wish Tokyo had a special little Pikachu plush” but we had one and it sold out quickly. At least our special cute Pikachu will go back in stock soonish (and then probably sell out quickly again).

Another package showed up unexpectedly in the afternoon. I participated in a gift swap on the Livejournal Pokemon community and this package was from my surprise gift partner.


The best part of the gift was this amazing Fennekin mug from the American Pokemon Center on-line store.


The Chillarmy plush included in the package is a perfect size for the cup, which also shows how big it is! I expected it to be a decent coffee size, as this mug and the series it’s a part of are all unique to the American store, but it is a very sturdy mug as well.


My gift partner included a bunch of sour gummy candies (which I love), a small Fennekin McDonalds toy, some Pokemon cards featuring my favorites, and socks from the same Fall Fennekin line as the mug. Everything is adorable (and delicious!) The hardest part is not eating all the candy at once.

I needed a little pick-me-up and this amazing package definitely helped.

Here is to hoping the rest of the week will be great.