Me and Everyone in Japan – UFO Catcher Edition

Right now in Japan, everyone is on vacation.

Technically speaking, not everyone, but when I went out on Sunday with my S.O. in the hopes of getting in some all you can eat cake action, it certainly seemed like it.

While we didn’t get to eat cake (in fact, we ended up eating lunch at TGIF, which is very much not Japanese), since we were in the area, we made our usual rounds of the local Game Centers to check out the stock and see if there was anything worth winning.


Prize merch for Rascal the Raccoon has suddenly popped up out of nowhere. A week or so ago, these pass cases along with plush pencil pouches came out everywhere. The pouches are gone, but the pass cases remain! Not only are they cute, but they are also a mini pouch, perfect for holding coins.


These mini plush came out last Thursday and are also super adorable. The size of the plush can make them tricky to get, though, depending on the strength of the claw and the height of the shield (the plush barrier at the bottom that makes it harder for you to win!)