About Miki Mart

Miki Mart was started by Zombie Miki and operates out of Tokyo or Pittsburgh, depending on where she is currently located. While in Japan, Miki Mart offers a pick-up service from the official Pokemon Centers. While in the United States, Miki Mart sells official Pokemon Center items that were previously released since 2012 and occasionally before.

All items sold through Miki Mart are official items that were originally bought from official Pokemon Centers or toy stores in Japan or won at game centers and are official Banpresto prize items. You can be assured that no items listed are bootlegs.

Miki Mart is not affiliated with Nintendo, Pokemon Center, Game Freak, or Banpresto. We specialize in original and rare Pokemon items and prices reflect the rarity of each item.

Having lived in Japan for 10+ years, Miki has a lot of experience, with identifying Pokemon Center merchandise. If you have any questions about items in the store (or not in the store), please get in touch.