The 41st official Prize Fair, show chasing claw machine prizes set for release from December to February of 2016, started today (September 3rd) in Japan and photos are slowly leaking onto the internet.



In contrast with the complete lack of Pokemon news from the last couple of prize fairs, it’s the end of the first day and we already have photos! If you are not able to get one of the limited number of Mew plush available as part of a pre-release campaign starting September 19th, never fear, as the large sitting plush, along with the lying down plush (and who knows what else!) will be available again in January and February as part of the official release of the “I Love Mew” series.


February will also feature the release of this large Pikachu die cut cushion, part of the “Pikachu We Meet Again” series.

Note: This post will be updated if new photos and information surface over the new few days.

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