More merchandise announcements for the 23rd of December, which is quickly turning into Nightmare Before Christmas: Pokemon Edition.

The Alola Friends promotion quietly slipped under the radar by getting announced via the Pokemon Daisuki Club. The line-up features a variety of items for home use with a very cute and simple Pikachu centric illustration.

As mentioned, the promotion will go on sale along with everything else December 23rd at all Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan.

Full Line-Up

Free Box (Surfboard, Hula Dance) – 1,080 yen each
Free Tray – 1,458 yen
Cork Board – 1,296 yen
Cork Coaster (Set of 2) – 486 yen
Soup Mug – 1,404 yen
Set of 2 Glasses – 1,296 yen
Oval Bowl – 1,728 yen
Mini Bowl – 864 yen
Tissue Cover – 1,620 yen
Storage Basket – 2,700 yen
Towel Mat – 1,944 yen
Face Towel – 983 yen
Bath Towel – 3,240 yen
Wallstory (Pikachu, Pikachu + Exeggutor, Pikachu + Raichu, Pikachu + Oriocorio) – 756 yen each

The Poketabi line of regional goods (which seems to have replaced the Gotochi series…) is coming out with a few new items and designs starting December 21st.

The new line-up includes mascot size Pikachu plush in three varieties (red, blue, and yellow)

as well as Pikachu pouches with carabiner clips, also in three varieties (red, blue, and yellow).

These Pikachu plush and pouches will be available with different shirt designs in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

The following items will only be available in Tokyo: 1 new Pikachu metal charm

An assortment of blind packaged badges in 10 total designs

And this cute memo pad.

Note: the regional merchandise is usually not sold through Pokemon Centers. All shops that sell Poketabi merchandise can be found here (Japanese only).

Something I don’t get to bring up often: Pokemon food!

These Magikarp shaped taiyaki cakes filled with red-bean paste will be on sale around the Tokyo and Yokohama area for a limited time and at 5 Kuriko-An stores on the 23rd of December. If you live in the area and can swing by one of the locations, let me know how the Magikarps taste!

The five store locations selling these limited edition Magikarp cakes are:
Yokohama (West Gate Shop)

Alola Friends
Magikarp Taiyaki
Poketabi: Wonderful!