Thanks to Famitsuu, we finally have more information on the Pokemon Sky-Tree Town Grand Opening promotion, starting July 6th, 2016.

The promotion will feature merchandise focused on two different elements: Pikachu and the Sky-Tree and Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu (a combination of the Sky-Tree logo elements – Pikachu and Rayquaza).

The Pikachu and Sky-Tree items will be exclusive to Sky-Tree Town, Mega Tokyo, and the Tokyo Station Pokemon Store locations.


(Note: Pikachu plush on the left is actually bigger than the mascot plush on the right)

Pikachu Sky-Tree Plush | 2,160 yen
Pikachu Sky-Tree Mascot Plush | 1,296 yen


Edo Glass Cup | 8,640 yen


Long Towels | 1,404 yen each


Set of 3 Ramune Candy Tins | 702 yen


A4 Clearfile Set | 432 yen


Frixion 2 Pen Set | 713 yen


Rootote Bag | 2,160 yen


Rubber Pin Collection (Blind Packaged) | 486 yen

Not Pictured

Keyholder | 702 yen
Post Card Set | 432 yen
Stickers | 432 yen

Aside from the Center logo pin, which will be exclusive to the Sky-Tree Center location, all of the Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu items will be available in all Pokemon Centers across Japan.


Logo Pin | 680 yen



Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Plush | 2,160 yen each
Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Mascot Plush | 1,296 yen each


Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Charm Set | 540 yen


Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Pin Set | 680 yen


Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Clearfile Set | 432 yen


Rootote Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Bag | 2,160 yen each


Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Frixion 2 Pen Set | 713 yen


Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Rubber Keyholder Collection (Blind Packaged) | 540 yen


BE@RBRICK + Pikachu Collaboration Figure | 1,620 yen

Not Pictured

Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Sticker Set | 540 yen
Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Dice Bag | 648 yen
Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu Handkerchief (Pikachu / Pattern) | 367 yen each
Pokemon Card Game XY Break Special Box | 2,700 yen

As usual, there will also be several shopping campaigns starting from July 6th.


Buy anything from any Pokemon Center and receive one of these Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu shopping bags (while supplies last).


Receive one of these special Shiny Rayquaza cards for every 5 packs bought from either the Explosive Fighter or Cruel Traitor Break expansion packs.


All visitors to the brand new Sky-Tree Center location will receive an art card. The two Rayquaza Poncho cards will be available starting from July 6th, although which design you receive will be random. The Shiny Rayquaza Poncho card will be available starting from August 1st while supplies last.


Take your Rayquaza Poncho card to the Mega Tokyo Center location, show the card to a staff member, and you will receive one of these Pikazard cards.


Receive one of these Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu acrylic charms for every 4,000 yen spent at any Pokemon Center or Store location.


On top of all that excitement, special Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu mascots will make appearances at the Sky-Tree Center every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday between July 9th and September 4th.