This past Friday only gave us 1 bit of merch news, and it was a mini collaboration between Pokemon and Loft, a chain store that sells every-day items.


There are 6 items in the collaboration line-up and, unsurprisingly, they’re all every-day use items, with a Pikachu theme. The items went on sale starting Saturday, May 28th, and are available at all Pokemon Center locations, as well as some Loft branches.

Full Line-Up

Pouches (4 designs) | 1,080 yen each
Lunch Bags (2 designs) | 1,296 yen each


Smartphone Cases (2 designs) | 3,240 yen each
Smartphone Pouches (2 designs) | 972 yen each


A4 Clearfiles (2 designs) | 216 yen each
Diecut Memo Pads (2 designs – 60 sheets) | 540 yen each

(Link to Pokemon Center announcement)


Every summer, 7-11s across Japan sell bento boxes with artwork featuring the main Pokemon from the summer movie for that year. Preorders for this year’s lunch boxes will start from May 30th and similar to last year, there will be two types of boxes: the normal bento box and a box designed specifically for sandwiches.

The regular box will retail for 1,280 yen and contains 1 hamburg and cheese onigiri, 1 tuna and mayo onigiri, 1 croquette, 1 tamago-yaki, broccoli, star-shaped carrots, and spaghetti.
The sandwich box will retail for 1,180 yen and contains 1 tuna sandwich, 1 shrimp and broccoli salad sandwich, and 1 chicken and vegetable sandwich.

The regular box also comes with a pair of chopsticks; the sandwich box does not.

(Link to 7-11 page)

There were two big toy and figure shows over the past weekend; one specifically for up-coming game center prizes and one for figures. As seems to be the norm lately with Pokemon game center prizes, most of the plush were labeled as “do not photograph”, but some information leaked onto the internet anyway, along with up-coming Megahouse figures.


Pikachu Mania (Banpresto)
End of September


Pikachu Sleeping Bag Series (Banpresto)
End of September – Beginning of October



I Love Mew (Banpresto)
November – December


Pocket Monster Figure Series Part 1 – ArtFX J (Red with Pikachu)
Release Date: 2016


Pocket Monster Figure Series Part 2 – ArtFX J (May with Mudkip)
Release Date: 2017



Megahouse Action Heroes Series – Pokken Mewtwo
Release Date: Unknown



Megahouse Action Heroes Series – Pokken Lucario
Release Date: Unknown


Megahouse G.E.M. Series – Brock with Geodude and Vulpix
Release Date: End of October
Price: 5,800 yen + tax


Megahouse G.E.M. Series – Nurse Joy with Chansey
Release Date: End of October
Price: 5,800 yen + tax