The latest issue of Pokemon Fan came out on Friday. This post will cover up-coming merchandise announcements.



Zygarde Monster Collection (MonColle) figures will be released December 26th, with a special pack featuring all the Zygarde formes also available on the same day.


Along with Zygarde figures, Ash’s Greninja MonColle figure will also go on sale December 26th.


The next set of candy figures is set to go on sale sometime between now and the end of November. These figures are blind packaged in various types of pokeballs and are only an inch or two tall.


These card sleeves will be exclusive to the Pokemon Center and most go on sale December 11th, except for the Hypno sleeves, which go on sale December 26th.


This Zygarde plush will also be available on December 26th and shakes when you pull his string! (Slightly confused little boy not included.)


Charmander and Charizard plush from the Charizard Night series will start appearing in game centers November 25th. Mew will be available in game centers sometime in January as part of the I Love Mew series.


Zygarde Core will start appearing in game centers from December 10th.


Not surprisingly, Pokemon Fan had a two page spread on the up-coming Pikachu Mega Campaign, featuring photos of the plush line-up, hand-towels


As well as the mascot plush and acrylic charms. The campaign starts December 12th!


Last but not least, a couple more sneaky preview images of prizes from the up-coming I Love Mew Banpresto series, coming out in the beginning of 2016.

There is a lot coming out between now and the end of the year! What are you most excited about?