Hello everyone!

We’ve had a lull in Pokemon Center releases since Golden Week, but next weekend will give us the Saiko Soda promotion, followed by the much anticipated Pokemon Doll release the following weekend.

There was some new merchandise that came out during Golden Week, and this post will cover those items, so strap in!

First up: the first official Pokemon Center original Zeraora plush!

He’s cuddly, he’s a cat, and he goes zappy-zap!

Along with the plush, we also got a new Zeraora metal charm

And larger sized acrylic charms of both Lugia and Zeraora (unfortunately Zeraora sold out at the taking of this picture).

PokeCen Cushions

Along with Zeraora, a bunch of 2018 summer movie themed merchandise was also released. These items are maybe not quite as exciting, including a bunch of stationary (clearfiles, stickers, pencil boards, pencils, erasers) and smaller things like a wallet, tiny hand towel, and dice bag.

Pikachu Doll Figures

From Re-ment, this super cute series of fuzzy Pikachu doll-like figures were released. They are not blind-packaged, so rejoice! They’re based on the costumed Pikachus featured in the yearly Pikachu Invasion event that happens in Yokohama, and along with Pikachu dressed in various outfits, there is also Ditto Pikachu and Mimikyu.

Pokemon Center Pen Case

These super cute pencil cases came back in stock finally.

They originally came out a few months back, but the pink one with Chillarmy/Minccino sold out everywhere for reasons I still don’t understand. My friend was able to find one finally in the Sapporo Pokemon Center after looking everywhere in Tokyo and having no luck whatsoever. Of course, now they’re back, but it doesn’t matter, because I have my special Chillarmy case!

(The other cases are cute, too~)

Pokemon Center Pencils Pens

New DelGuard mechanical pencils and two sets of Sarasa colored pens were released, completely unannounced.

Along with two cute erasers!

Pokemon Center Face Cushions

The Pokemon Center also dropped these two large Pikachu and Eevee face cushions, because nothing is better than surprise merchandise.

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Stay tuned for more Pokemon Center announcements and Pokemon Center Reports~