Miki’s motto in life: Better Late Than Never!

The second part to the Varsity Pikachu (College Logo) series was released near the end of 2017 and featured many of the same items that part 1 had… excluding the plush. This release had no plush what so ever. On the other hand, there was a related gachapon set with a variety of pins so you win some you lose some.

This series has a very collegiate theme, so it’s no surprise that most of the items are either school related or clothing (school related clothing!)

Varsity 2 Items

Most of the items were available in two different designs: a generally red Pikachu theme or a generally blue/green Rowlet theme.

Of special note are the tote bags, which came in two sizes – normal tote-bag size and a smaller pouch size. When you love tote-bags so much that you want to attach a smaller tote-bag to your tote-bag.

This year also gave us the return of the varsity jackets, along with two types of hoodies and a cute v-neck sweater.

Varsity Clothing

The two hoodies were both grey with the main difference being the logo on the front (red Pikachu or green Rowlet).

The v-neck sweater was only available with the Pikachu design.

Finally, there were two varsity jackets: blue/grey for Rowlet and red/cream for Pikachu.

I was conflicted with this release as I already bought the varsity jacket from last year’s release and wasn’t sure if I really needed a second one. After debating over whether I should get the Rowlet design or the new Pikachu design, I finally decided to go with the new Pikachu jacket and did not regret this decision.

Varsity Jacket 2016

Here are shots of the red Pikachu jacket from 2016. I fell in love with the logo design on the front which is the main reason I bought it last year. Unfortunately I didn’t have much chance to wear it over the winter but confirmed comfortable and a nice fit.

Varsity Jacket 2017

Here is the jacket from 2017. The logos on both the front and back of this jacket are obviously completely different from the previous year, although the colors are basically the same.

Also of note is the size. Both jackets are a large but the 2017 jacket is just a bit bigger than the 2016 jacket (further proof that Pokemon Center clothing sizes get larger every year).

I bought the 2017 jacket partly because I needed a jacket since I was dumb and did not bring a jacket with me in the middle of winter and I wore it a lot. The pockets are the perfect size to hold things like mp3 players and phones without the fear of them falling out. I also loved the buttons vs a zipper as I enjoyed feeling like the Hulk every time I took the jacket off.

That concludes this Pokemon Center Report. I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time~