Hello everyone!

We are back with another Pokemon Center Report focused on a release from Saturday, October 7th.

This release, which I affectionately refer to as the Umbreon & Espeon Cosmetics Promo, featured a bunch of items that were basically cosmetics related. Lots of make-up, plus band-aids (if you hurt yourself while applying make-up) and a pouch (to hold your make-up).

Every item in the line-up had a Pikachu version and an Umbreon & Espeon version, which I thought was pretty neat.

Pikachu Cosmetics

There were two main designs for the Pikachu side: one with Pikachu lying down and looking sassy and the other with sleeping Pikachu.

Both designs are adorable, in my opinion.

My two favorite items from the promotion are pictured here.

1) Gift Set

This small packaged set, available in both Pikachu and Umbreon, comes with a small travel sized hand container of hand lotion and a hand towel.
Hand towels are one of the best ways to get a version of the main promo art work while also having an item that’s useful in every day life, and I love hand lotion!

2) Memo Pad Set

A little off to the side is the heart-shaped memo pad set. The heart shaped case holds equally adorable heart shaped pieces of paper that you can write little notes on and give to your friends (or enemies if that’s how you roll)

Umbreon Cosmetics

More items, this time from the Umbreon & Espeon side!

Another of my favorite items from the line-up: the band-aids! Each set of band-aids comes with five different designs, so you can heal your scratches and stay fashionable and cute at the same time.

As a side note, all of the cosmetics items (lip cream, hand cream, lip gloss, etc) are rose scented.

The promotion also featured four different face masks shaped like Pikachu, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, and Alola Vulpix!

These sheet masks are pretty popular currently and are used to help moisturize your face.

Each pack comes with 1 face sheet, which is infused with some sort of skin moisturizing serum.

To use: wash your face first. Remove the face sheet from the package (be careful as the mask can drip a little). Line up the eye, nose, and mouth holes with your eyes, nose, and mouth and place it carefully on your face. Leave the mask on for about 15-30 minutes and then remove to reveal beautiful and soft skin!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Stay tuned for Eevees: The Pocho-ing~