Hello everyone!

The brand new Tokyo DX Pokemon Center, located on the 5th floor of the Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East Hall, is officially open for business.

Maybe in part to the Center opening on a weekday, the crowds were not as big as they probably will be over the weekend. The Center is about as big as the Skytree location but the staff tried to make it seem larger with the use of strategically placed mirrors (sneaky!)

Tokyo DX Plush

Along with the opening, there are a bunch of Center exclusive merchandise promotions, with most of these items being sold exclusively through the Tokyo DX Center location.

Two of the three main Pikachu plush (Gentleman and Hakama) are available everywhere around Japan, but the special Fireman Pikachu is only available at the DX Center.

A set of three dress-up Pikachu metal charms is available for sale everywhere, so even if you’re not in Tokyo, you can still get something of the super cute Fireman Pikachu.

The Center logo pin is, unsurprisingly, a DX exclusive, but makes a great commemorative souvenir!

Pikachu Walking Map

Also exclusive to the DX Center: the Pikachu Walking Map series!

All of the items in this series feature a stylized map covered in cute Pokemon and featuring notable sites around Tokyo.

These cute toothpick cases, complete with wooden toothpicks, are from a third separate mini promotion also exclusive to the DX Center.

Tokyo DX Cafe Plush

A brand new permanent Pokemon Cafe is now also open on the same floor as the Tokyo DX Pokemon Center.

This cafe features a bunch of Pokemon themed food (more information in this post) as well as a small store with exclusive items sold through the DX Pokemon Center, including these adorable Pikachu plush.

Mascot sized versions of each plush are available for purchase when eating at the cafe. The full size plush can be bought even if you don’t eat at the cafe.

Of note is the adorable Pokeball mug!

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report. Expect more pictures from the new Center in the future!

Until next time~

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