As a fan and accidental collector of Substitute Plush merch, when I heard there was to be an entire Substitute promotion, I had a hard time concealing my joy and excitement. Waiting for the release day was the hardest part, and everything turned out even more amazing than I could have dreamed.


The highlight of the promotion was the normal and mascot Pikachu / Substitute plushies.


Instead of just straight up Substitute Plush, this time we got Pikachu dressed as Subbie, because lately everything is Pikachu dressed as a Pokemon.


I hadn’t realized at the time I took this photo, but not only is the hood removable, but so is the entire Subbie costume! In fact, the back of the tag low key advertises this, although again, I didn’t realize this until later. (I will have a separate post where I will go over some of the items from the promotion, including various shots of Pikachu in stages of undress and other Pokemon in stages of redress!)


The mascot version is basically the normal size, but smaller.


His little hoodie comes off, too, although his entire outfit does not.


Both sizes of plush have this die-cut tag, which is adorable.


Completely unexpected and unannounced, along with the Pikachu Subbie plushies, the Center also decided to restock the original and mascot sized Substitute Plushies.


Maybe I’m just a Subbie snob, or maybe because I’ve been here for the Subs since the very first Sub, but it always seems like with every re-release the quality goes down. Maybe because it’s a copy of a copy of a copy? There were a lot of wonky mouths with this batch.


This tiny Sub was maybe the happiest Sub I found in the store.


Most of the rereleases looked disgruntled and unhappy. Which is potentially still cute, though!


There were a ton of other items in this promotion aside from plush, and everything was equally adorable.


The item that surprised me the most were the stickers. They were huge! Or at least bigger than I was expecting.


Hats and bags!


There were four types of Subbie related clothing: socks, a onesie, a hoodie, and a t-shirt.


I didn’t think I’d want the shirt, because green is actually one of my least favorite colors. But when I explained this to my friend, he pointed out the shirt I was wearing was green (yes, I wore this Substitute Shirt to the Substitute promotion) and I ended up with one of these shirts after all. No regrets!


Another item that turned out way cuter than expected: the Subbie plush pens. Look at that smile! There is no way to look at that smile and not smile a little yourself.


Another item I had to get; the cup!


The box is cute, the cup is cute, everything is just cute.


And of course, not forgetting the blind packaged acrylic charms


Or the gacha figures!


Cookie tin was yet another item I was excited for (and yes, I will have more pictures of this, as well as the acrylic charms, in my future Subbie post).

What did you think of this promotion? Did you buy anything from it?