Welcome to the New Year everyone!

First of all, a semi big announcement. I have a new photographer for while I am in America: the amazing and super nice Jen from Japanstuffs! Not only does she take photos of plush, but she sells them, too (and other stuff). So if you’re interested in buying stuff from Japan, including anything and everything from this post and any of my future posts, check out her site.

Moving on: Pokemon!

The New Year is bringing the return of the Pokedoll series, which has been dormant for about two years or so. The first three Pokedolls of the new series were released early through the Tokyo Skytree Pokemon Center location only a day or two before January 1st, but if you missed out on this pre-release, do not worry as they will be available everywhere in Japan starting January 14th.

The three Pokedolls were I guess unsurprisingly the three starters: Litten


and Rowlet!

The dolls seem to be a little bigger than the previous Pokedoll incarnation, and because of this, the price has once again increased (they are now 1,296 yen after tax).

Pokemon decided to change the tags once again, and “Pokedoll” is now “Pokemon Dolls”.

What do you think of the new Pokedolls? Are you happy with the changes or ambivalent? What Pokemon are you excited to see maybe in Pokedoll form?

The big promotion for New Years was…Spring! Spring! Spring! This series looked super adorable from the preview photos and the real items are somehow even more adorable.

Because Pokemon is weird sometimes, we didn’t get any photos of the mascot plush until the release. There are four sets, with each set having two plush.

The four mascot sets are…Pikachu

Pichu x Bellsprout

Jigglypuff x Diglett + Oddish

And Sentret x Cherubi

Another item that didn’t get a photo preview: acrylic charms!

The “towel pouches” turned out to be half of what I expected (pouches made of a towel like fabric)

There are two versions: one pink and one purple. These pouches plus the blanket might be the most boring items from the promo, but maybe that’s good for people’s wallets.

On the other hand, these two bags are maybe some of the cutest from the promotion!

They are billed as “lunch bags” but I’m sure you could use them to carry stuff like your wallet, keys, and your phone as well.

Speaking of lunch…plates! The plate sets were my favorite items!

The plates come in sets of two, with two sets. The Clefairy set is my favorite (look at that little Clefairy!)

And on the note of stuff to eat with… cups!

There was two cups, with both being equally adorable.

If you make a mess while eating your snacks on your super cute Pokemon plates and drinking from adorable Pokemon cups, it’s okay because we have these charming hand towels.

And the towels come in three different designs!

This promotion had so much different stationaries and related merch, so here is a small taste. Stickers!

Sticky notes!

Memopad in a tiny little box

And notebooks!

I will end this Center Report with maybe the cutest item from the promotion: the Pikachu cushion! (Look at it! I bet it’s soft)

Thanks for reading and happy new year!