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Today’s Pokemon Center Report will be a little short but before we dive in, a quick announcement from the management!

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Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

This past Saturday was the release of the June Bride themed Precious Wedding promotion.

It wasn’t very big, with the most exciting items being the engagement and wedding rings which are all special order.

To add to that, the main plush pair were boxed, which is not the most exciting thing to see.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

The mascot plush are adorable, though, and they’re not attached! So if you have a friend, you can easily swap Pikachus if you want to support Pride month and have two girl Pikachu brides or two boy Pikachu grooms 💕

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

Along with the plush, mascot plush, and pair of wedding style drinking glasses, there was also a cute Pikachu pair charm set

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

A cute heart-shaped ring cushion

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

And cute envelopes (shugi-bukuro) so you can give money gifts to the bride and groom in style

(Note: the tradition for Japanese weddings is to give money in place of material gifts. Stationary stores and sometimes convenience stores sell special envelopes specifically for weddings. Not only will the bride and groom appreciate the gift, but who could say no to such a cute and fancy envelope!)

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikachu Charizard

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report~

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