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This week we didn’t have any Pokemon news, so here is a Pokemon Center Report instead~

Hopefully next week will be better

In conjunction with the release of the “Pokemon Masters” mobile game, a special Pokemon trainers based promotion was released through all Pokemon Centers around Japan in September.

The second part of this promo came out August 31st and included plush versions of all the featured trainers plus iPhone cases.

Trainers Part 1

Photos of the plush weren’t published until a few days before the release date, but they all turned out very cute and were immediate hits with most selling out fairly quickly.

The line-up included Red, Green (or Blue depending on your region), Lance, Steven Stone

Trainers Part 2

Cynthia, N, Rosa, Dawn

Trainers Part 3

Elesa, Skyla, Joy, and Hiker.

It’s not very often that the Pokemon Center offers people centered merchandise, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when something like this pops up.

What do you think of the trainer plush? Which one is your favorite?

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