Hello everyone!

We’re back with another exciting Pokemon Center Report~

There were two big releases Saturday, December 16th.

The first was…*drum roll* the Pokemon Tails & Paws promotion!

Featuring a bunch of Pokemon tails (and some paws) this promotion is both cute and maybe a little weird when you think about it (so don’t think about it!)

The original Pokemon Tails promotion went on sale in February, 2013 so a lot of time has passed between the two releases. Some main differences at a glance: the tail (and paw) mascots feature acrylic charms vs the original rubber ones, there are no pens in this recent release, no individual clear file sets for each featured Pokemon, limited phone cases (in the original release there were soft iPhone cases to match each tail mascot), and the ceramic tail mugs are far less detailed (in the original release, the tail handles were more 3D while the new ones are flat and more handle-shaped / less die-cut).

Considering the original release also featured Minccino, the clear winner for me is the original Tails release. But that doesn’t mean this latest release wasn’t also cute in it’s own way!

Tails Mascot Plush

The highlight to the tail promotion was of course the tail mascots!

There were 5 designs in total: Alola Vulpix, Mimikyu, Sylveon, Umbreon, and Espeon. Each mascot came with a matching acrylic charm.

Along with the smaller mascot plush, there was a larger carabiner clip Mimikyu tail mascot plush as well.

There was also a selection of four paw shaped mascot plush, complete with adorable toe beans!

Paws Mascot Plush

The four paw mascot plush included: Alola Vulpix, Eevee, Lucario, and Bewear. Similar to the tail mascot plush, each mascot includes a matching acrylic charm.

There were two types of phone cases as part of this promo. The Bewear case is a hard shell designed specifically for iPhones.

Flip Phone Cases

There were also four types of flip phone cases featuring Charmander, Mimikyu, Sylveon and Pikachu.

Tail Cushions

Not forgetting the large tail cushions! There were 2 designs: Eevee and Pikachu. These cushions are pretty big and the perfect size for snuggling. They’re also super soft and squishy!

And of course the aforementioned tail mugs, with Mimikyu, Espeon, and Umbreon designs!

Not individually pictured but of note: the paw pad fuzzy socks for Eevee and Alola Vulpix and the Bewear cooking mitts.

Of note because I’m still boggled the Pokemon Center released them: mugs designed to look like paws but they look like butts from the side. Maybe someone out there finds these mugs cute. Based on the name, you’d think they’d be adorable. You’d be wrong. They’re kind of plain and only feature default artwork of both Eevee and Alolan Vulpix on the side. The Pokemon Center couldn’t be bothered to make a quick original sketch to use, not even the artwork used on the acrylic charms for the mascot plush. You do you, Pokemon Center.

The second big release for the weekend… new Pokemon Center plush!

Well newish. Wailord was released previously although the pattern for this release is slightly different.

December Pokemon Center Plush

Along with Wailord, the Pokemon Center also gave us Tapu Lele and Gardevoir (yes, Gardevoir has legs under the skirt!)

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~