Hello everyone!

This past weekend gave us the much anticipated release of new plush from the popular Pokemon Dolls or “Pokedoll” series, as well as a bunch of other non-plush items with a Pokedoll theme.

May Pokedolls

Disclaimer: my personal thoughts.

I’ve been excited for this release since the Pokemon Centers put up their teaser posters in their stores. I love Pokedolls (as do a lot of people) and based on those stock preview images, they looked really cute. I love Mew, and as a collector, I was looking forward to this new plush to add to my collection.

And then I saw a non-stock photo and my dreams were crushed. It might be just me, but the nose looked a little weird and some of the faces looked unevenly stuffed, so some looked like chipmunks or Mews that had recent dental surgery. I’ll probably wait and see if there are any in stock when I visit Japan near the end of the year, at which point I’ll be able to spend as long as it takes to see if I can find a Mew face that looks acceptable to me, but for now, just disappointment.

But! Again that’s just my opinion. The other plush (of course) are all adorable! Especially that Snorlax. Everyone who takes naps needs one as a nap time buddy.

Perhaps the most confusing item from this promotion is this… “cushion” or so it’s called. It’s actually closer to a mat that you can roll up and carry around and then sit on, like during a picnic, so I’m not sure why they called it a cushion. It also seems kind of small? I guess as long as you have a small butt, it should be okay.

Pokedoll Promo 1

There was actually quite a lot of interesting items from this promotion, off the beaten Pokemon Center path.

Among the line-up were individual keychain charms of each Pokedoll (plus Pikachu), sticker sets, and clear plastic pouch sets (each set came with a larger pouch and a smaller one).

Of course, we also got dice bags in two designs, because what is a Pokemon Center promotion without a dice bag.

Another neat item: these boxes! You can stack them or put them next to each other or put them far away from each other. They’re small enough to easily fit on a desk. One box can hold a Pokedoll, for size reference.

Pokedoll Part 2

More neat things!

Can cases in two designs~ They’re pretty big so if you have a lot of markers or pens and pencils and erasers and need an easy way to cart them around, the Pokemon Center has your back.

Lunch bags~ When you want to take your lunch to work and look cute at the same time.

A thermos! To keep your drinks at the right temperature.

A card case! Keep your cards in order and out of your wallet.

Memo pads! When a notebook is too big.

More cute stuff! These are actually cookie tins, but look like old-fashioned lunch boxes.

Pokedoll Phones

Last but not least… phone cases!

This is the first official Pokemon Center phone case for the iPhone X, so iPhone X users rejoice. More is coming on the horizon!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report. What were you looking forward to?

Until next time!