What better time to share photos from the 2016 Pokemon Christmas and Snowseason promotions than on Christmas!

As with last year, the Pokemon Center decided that just having one winter/Christmas promotion was not enough, so they made two mini promotions: one with a Christmas theme and one with a snowy winter theme. Between the two, there’s lots of cuteness to share, so let’s dive into the wonderful world of snow and festivities on display at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center.

This year’s Christmas promotion had two plush: Eevee and Pikachu, with Eevee dressed in a festival hat and Pikachu dressed as Delibird because Pikachu wearing ponchos of other Pokemon is the in-thing right now.

The Snowseason promotion also had one plush: snow Pikachu! I will admit, because of the pose and the cape, when I first saw images of this plush, I thought it was Eevee, but it’s Pikachu! Of the three plush, Snowseason Pikachu and Eevee were the most popular. Poor Delibird Pikachu…although to be fair, he was also the most expensive out of the three.

Like last year, there were no mascot plush.

Some highlights from the Christmas promotion: stickers! These sticker sheets are nice if you collect some of the random Pokemon included in the main illustration because they at least have their own little individual sticker.

There was deco tape sets for both Christmas and Snowseason, although unfortunately I only have a photo of the Christmas one. They were both adorable, and this type of tape is really nice when decorating envelopes or letters.

This little message card set was a pretty unique item from the line-up. Each set came with 1 envelope and 3 die-cut illustrated message cards that you could also use as ornaments.

A Christmas promotion staple: the logo pin!

This combination of hand and lip cream seems to be a new Pokemon Center staple, as all the new and up-coming promotions are including it lately. The packaging is always super adorable!

Although I don’t have a photo of the Christmas cup itself, I thought the packaging was pretty classy (and cute).

Instead of having Christmas charm sets this year, the Pokemon Center decided to make everything blind packaged. There was 6 sets in total, with each set having 3 Pokemon. The charms themselves are really cute, although I’m still a little salty Espurr wasn’t included.

Jumping promotions, the Snowseason promotion had blind packaged charms, too, although theirs was a little more sparkly and a lot bigger! There was 10 possible designs from this set, with 1 being a secret (spoilers: it was the Snowseason Pikachu plush, but in charm form).

The Snowseason version of the Christmas lip and hand creams!

Most of the Snowseason items featured the main illustration, which I love so much, although I will also say that the Pokemon they picked for the illustration is a little random. Considering the Snow theme, we somehow ended up with Piplup, Flareon, and Bulbasaur? You do you, Pokemon.

There were three fluffy clothing items as part of the Snowseason line-up: pictured here are the knee-high socks (which are really soft), but there was also a pair of shorts and a hoodie. Combine them and you are Snowseason queen! The socks and hoodie had a Pikachu applique, while the shorts had Sylveon.

The Christmas promotion did not have a candy tin, but the Snowseason promotion did. The candy is not cookies but a sort of crunchy white chocolate, which was amazingly delicious.

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report! Until next time, I hope everyone reading is having a great holiday season, whether alone or with family and friends.

(And of course to all my fellow Jews, Happy Chanukah!)