Two mini promotions came out this weekend: Pokemon Block Style and Ash’s Greninja, along with some un-announced mechanical pencils featuring artwork from previous popular promotions.


Both of the mini promotions dealt mainly with stationary and related merchandise, such as pencils, rulers, school notebooks, etc. with some miscellaneous items like handkerchiefs thrown in for fun.


Pokemon Block Style had a more cartoony and simple design, and covered a wider range of Pokemon, including the Zygarde formes


Along with Ash’s Greninja.


As usual with this type of promotion, we got these little plastic cups with the main design


And a bonus lunchbox!


Ash’s Greninja promotion had pretty much all of the same items, with the main difference being the featured illustration.



The Greninja promo also had a shirt, which Block Style did not.


Last but not least, pencils! I’m a huge fan of these pencils because they’re fun to draw with and have really cute designs on them.


This latest batch included designs from Chiku-Chiku Sewing, Life With Pikachu, Mystery Mansion


Pikachu in the Farm, and Eeveelutions.

This weekend wasn’t super busy, Pokemon wise, but next week leading into the weekend will start to get more exciting. A new set of rolly-polly plush (korotto-manmaru) will start appearing in game centers around Japan on the 23rd and then the 26th will have the Steven Stone promotion, 2 card sleeve designs (Steven and Hypno), 2 Pokemon Center exclusive plush (Ash’s Greninja, Zygarde 10%), metal charms (Ash’s Greninja, Zygarde Core, Zygarde 10%, Zygarde Perfect Forme), a Takara Tomy Zygarde Core plush, several new MonColle figures, a new talky Pikachu plush, and 3 Pokemon Card Game battle sets.