The Pikachu Focus promotion was released in Pokemon Centers across Japan on Saturday, along with several surprises.


This display features some of the more popular items from each design style. Based on the requests I got, the Pikachu in the Farm series was the most popular out of the three. I personally loved both In the Farm and the black and white cartoony Pikachuuuuu!! style.


Two of the cutest items from the entire promotion: the In the Farm glasses set and plates set. Perfect for a snack with friends and super adorable!


Along with the main Pikachu Focus merchandise, the Pokemon Center also gave us a 28 inch tall Pikachu plush…


…and a 40 inch version!


In general, when it comes to giant plush, they tend not to sell out as quickly, but the 28 inch plush were selling like hot cakes. The crowd was full of girls carrying these Pikachus around that were half as tall as they were!


Each 28 inch plush came with this special Pikachu bag, but even if you didn’t buy a plush, you could still buy the bag just by itself (which I didn’t find out until I had already left the Center – oops).


As mentioned, we also got two unannounced pieces of merch. Number one is the Pikachu secret base doll. Not exactly a Pokedoll, but close enough? Maybe. Also, your eyes are not deceiving you; these plush do not have noses!


Second surprise: cosplay Pikachu charm sets! Buy a set and share the charms you don’t want with your friends, or buy a set and keep it all for yourself because all the chus are cute!


Just when you thought the surprises couldn’t end, the Center also brought back the previously released giant Wailord plush…


…and some of the more popular petits, including Wailords and Altarias. Not pictured but also available once again, the large sleeping Pikachu cushions.

This weekend was a great weekend for Pikachu collectors, but not for their wallets. Stay tuned for next week’s coverage of the Pikazard re-release!