This past Saturday marked the start of August and what will probably be the slowest month, merchandise wise, of the summer.


The main release for August 1st were the Pikachu Carnival mascot plush.



Although all the mascot plush were roughly the same size, the two carnival Pikachus were slightly more expensive than the rest of the batch (maybe due to the clothes?)


The set also included Mudkip




Dittochu (with his cute little ice cream)


And not forgetting Slowpoke, who arrived a little early for Slowpoke Day on August 10th!

The Carnival plush also arrived just in time to celebrate the start of the Pikachu Outbreak! event going on in Yokohama all throughout the month of August. If you are around the Yokohama area and love Pikachu, I highly recommend stopping by as the event is mainly lots of costumed Pikachus walking around, dancing, posing for photos, and just being adorable in general.


The brand new regional pins also came out on Saturday, but unlike every other regional item to date, for some reason the pins are gacha (grumble grumble). They’re still cute, but would have been nice if you could just get the one you want. Why must everything be gacha or kuji, Pokemon Center?!

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, the heat and humidity continues…