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I was not in Okinawa for the Okinawa exclusive promotion that came out July 15th, and unfortunately my friend Jen who runs Japanstuffs was busy moving and couldn’t visit for the weekend. However! The lovely Shelly.Lynn.Xiong lives in Okinawa, was able to attend the opening, and shared some photos with me for use here on the blog, so a big thank you to her!

The Okinawa Promotion celebrated the reopening of the Ryubo Pokemon Store and the grand opening of the Pokemon Store location in Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom.

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The highlights from the promotion were of course the plush. The Pikachu plush was cute but held nothing over the Eevee plush dressed up as Shisa in their Arcanine ponchos.

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There were two versions of the Eevee plush: one with a closed mouth and one open. While this might appear random at first glance, this was done deliberately.

Shisa are traditional “guardian dogs” usually depicted in pairs and often seen on rooftops or flanking gates. One Shisa has a closed mouth to keep good spirits in, while the open mouth Shisa wards off evil spirits. So basically, to ensure good luck, you need both Eevees!

As with most of the Pokemon poncho plush, the Arcanine hoodies can be lowered and raised. Eevee looks adorable either way!

Along with the plush and mascot plush (only Pikachu had a mascot plush available), they also sold a traditional Okinawan sweet called “Chinsuko“. These biscuits are similar to shortbread but maybe a little less sweet.

That wraps up our Okinawa Promotion coverage!

(Another special shout out to Shelly! Without her, this post would not be possible. Check out her Twitter here!)

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