Hello everyone!

Happy New Years (a few weeks late!)

A bunch of things came out on New Years Day (which is why it’s taken me so long to get this post up) including the Oteire Please (Take Care Of Me Please!) promotion, Lycanroc pokedolls, and 2018 Pokemon Center Lucky Bags!

Let’s talk about the Lucky Bags first.

I got and still continue to get a lot of requests for these bags. I know it’s the internet and no one likes to read but here is some information that some people might find useful.

Lucky Bags

What are lucky bags? Over the year, the Pokemon Center releases promotions with multitudes of items. Not all of these promotions and items sell. In fact, some don’t sell ever and stick around the store forever. What happens at the end of the year when the Center wants to make room for the multitudes of unsellable items in the next year? They repackage them in Lucky Bags and add a gimmick item to get people to buy them! Does it work? Well, the 2018 Lucky Bags sold out within an hour of the store opening and the on-line ones sold out within half an hour so you can be the judge.

The gimmick for this year’s bags were small sleeping mascot plush of Pikachu, Rowlet, and Alolan Vulpix, plus a matching mini sized backpack. Pretty cute! Each Lucky Bag included 1 random mascot + backpack sets. Everyone wanted them and to be fair, they’re super cute.

I managed to order 2 bags on-line and got 2 in person from the Mega Tokyo Center. From what I’ve seen, the on-line bags were all Rowlet, which is kind of annoying. The Lucky Bags can easily be unzipped and the staff could have checked to make sure people weren’t getting duplicates and didn’t. Also from what I’ve seen, the contents of the bags from the stores vs the on-line store was better.

Lucky Bags were limited 2 per person. When I was at the actual Pokemon Center store on New Years Day, I think pretty much everyone in line got their limit of 2 each. When I arrived at 5 am, there was already a line of 20+ people, and I’m positive that people near the front of the line showed up around midnight or even earlier from the night before. People who arrived to wait in line at 8 am were already too late. So if you’re preparing for next year’s Lucky Bags, keep this in mind.

Are the Lucky Bags worth it? Depends on how much you like random Pokemon Center merch. I guess most people get it for the novelty and love waiting in line. At any rate, the bag is cute!


Three new Pokedolls were released January 1st – all three Lycanrocs: Dusk, Dawn, and Midnight forms!

Lycanroc Pokedolls

They all turned out really cute, in my opinion, but Midnight is my favorite. I love his little punky mohawk.

With 2018 being the Year of the Dog, Pokemon Centers were also selling this neat Dusk Lycanroc clearfile, featuring artwork from the 2018 Gamefreak New Years cards.

Oteire Please

As mentioned, along with Lucky Bags and Pokedolls, the Pokemon Center also came out with an original promotional series: Oteire Please (which also makes me think of Torikoriko Please by Azalea)

Oteire Please Plush

This series featured a bunch of really cute items including plush of Pikachu, Pichu, and Rowlet

Oteire Please Mascot

And matching mascot plush!

Oteire Please Memo Clips

There were super cute memo clips with Pikachu, Pichu, and Rowlet

Oteire Please Phone Case

Phone cases – both flip and shell for iPhones

Oteire Please Towels

And cute hand towels!

Oteire Please Items 1

Some other cute items included: a set of clips to keep your papers in order, hand mirrors, long towels, pens with cute figure charms, slippers, sticker sheets

Oteire Please Items 2

Pouch, pass case, a towel wrap to keep your hair out of your face, and really cute caramel tins.

There was also the infamous Pokemon Center buy 3 for $10 socks deal with 6 different sock designs.

And a set of gacha figures!

My luck with gacha figures is abysmal to put it lightly, but for some reason for this set my fingers are Alolan Vulpixes as almost every time I played I got a white fox, or Pikachu. If only I had this type of luck all the time in every other aspect of my life.

That wraps up a kind of belated Pokemon Center New Years Report!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to get caught up and stay tuned for next time~