As promised in my last post, I’m back with the Saturday release: new plush and Pikachu’s Easter!

First up, the new Pokemon Center plush. Although nothing quite as exciting as Alola Vulpix or Mimikyu, this set featured the ever illustrious Alola Dugtrio (maybe he’s born with it)

Alola Persian


Tapu Koko

and Shiny Tapu Koko because why not.

The cute thing about Stufful is that he comes with a fake tush tag and a real one, because you can never have too many tush tags when you’re a bear who looks like a stuffed animal.

The big seller, surprisingly (to me) was Pikachu’s Easter. There tends to be an Easter promotion every year, and they tend to be fairly quiet. Not this year. The scalpers were out for blood this year. The cup and the hair scrunchie (???) sold out within 3 minutes on the on-line store. By the end of Saturday, most stores had sold out of their Pikachu plush. The Era of Scalpers is still going strong in Japan, regardless of buying limits.

Speaking of plush, let’s start with them! It should be noted that all the Pikachu in this promotion are girls, and you can tell because of their cute, heart-shaped tails.

Mascot plush version: just as adorable as the normal sized Pikachu, but smaller!

And not forgetting the extra large face cushion version, perfect for snuggling or as decoration for your bed.

The cup was the best seller for the day by far. It is adorable, though; look at that lid! Little Pikachu wants to make sure your coffee (or tea) doesn’t get cold too quickly.

What is Easter without Easter Eggs? Sad, that’s what. But Pikachu’s Easter made sure no one was sad…or maybe the opposite. These eggs are blind packaging for five different types of Pikachu merch

Along with a cute rosette can badge

and metal charm, there was also a rubber clip, a rubber charm, and an acrylic charm. From what I saw on Twitter, everyone was getting multiples, and there was no option to buy a full set. One poor person bought five eggs and got the same exact item five times. (At least if it was chocolate, you could eat them and feel better…)

But speaking of things you can eat: cookies! Because every good promotion needs some sort of cookie. Although not eggs or chocolate, these “egg cookies” are still delicious.

The infamous scrunchie, the second item to sell out on-line after the cups! It was way bigger than I was expecting, maybe better suited as a bracelet vs an item to tie up your hair depending on your hair.

The skin and lip creams seem to be the new promo staple item lately, which is actually nice since lotion/skin care products tend to be slightly expensive in Japan.

The skin cream has a custard scent while the lip cream has a strawberry scent/flavor, and…wait! What’s this!

Alola Vulpix versions of both the skin and lip cream went on sale, as an unannounced surprise, on Saturday! Neither item are considered part of the Easter promotion; it’s just adorable.

Moving back to Easter…this adorable bracelet is adorable. And actually a bracelet.

Phone case, so you can be cute and keep your phone safe.

Train pass case! If you look closely in the bottom right corner, you can see some of the cute decoration tape sets as well.

On that note, let’s wrap this up with stationary! Sticker set, so you can decorate your life with cute spring time Pikachus.

And two adorable notebooks

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this Pokemon Easter soiree and look forward to the next Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~