This past weekend was fairly quiet merchandise wise, but unlike most weeks, we got two releases instead of just the usual Saturday release!


The Monthly Pikachu for September came out on Saturday, and is just as cute as anticipated!


He comes with a little chef’s hat and a (pretty flat) chestnut, which is an ingredient found in a lot of fall foods in Japan.


We also got a preview of the October Monthly Pikachu, coming out September 19th. If you were hoping he would be more Halloween themed for October, do not fret: there is usually a Halloween promotion at the Center every year, usually near the end of September, and most likely our Halloween Chu plush will be featured there.


In honor of Slowpoke Day, which is August 10th, the Center was decked out on Monday with Slowpoke decorations and featured a couple of new items (and one re-release).


The Slowpoke lazy plush (appropriately named for Slowpoke) are a semi pre-release for the second round of Lazy Plush which go on sale on Saturday the 15th.


If you are a fan of this lazy pink Pokemon and you live close by to a Pokemon Center, definitely don’t forget to stop by!