It’s been around four months since I’ve been able to visit the Pokemon Center on the opening day of a merchandise promotion. Unlike the original Life With Pikachu event, there thankfully wasn’t a large amount of people, but still enough that I did not feel alone.


One of the main releases for the day was the Monthly Pikachu plush for November. Sporting a fashionable duffle coat, this Pikachu is all set to go mushroom picking, a pastime associated with fall and November in particular.


The next biggest release was butts, aka “Hip Pop! Parade!” (which I’ve been mistakenly calling Hip Hop! Parade, but honestly, either makes sense in context in my opinion). If you were unsure how big the two butt cushions were, well, they’re pretty big, making them erfect for cuddling and sleeping on.


If you wanted some butts but the cushions were a little too big for you, there was plenty other merchandise that was smaller and easier to carry around, including pouches…


and mini mascot plush, always a popular item in every promotion worth it’s salt!


The two foldable tote bags were also popular, but who can resist a bag featuring a Growlithe butt?


Although not as big as the original Life With Pikachu promo, there were some nice items from Life With Pikachu part 2, including these backpacks and mini backpacks. Attach the mini to your regular sized bag to double your Pikachu fan points!


The In the Farm bags and cushions were also cute, featuring artwork from the original promotion.


For those who wanted to stay stylish while showing off their love for Pikachu, there was also a simple sweater and cardigan, along with New Era collaboration hats.


Last but certainly not least, there were some new posters up at the Pokemon Center! We learned what the December Monthly Pikachu will be (getting ready for winter and New Years Chu) and the release date: November 21st. Edit: The release date for this Pikachu was mistakenly written on the poster as November 21st, but it’s actually coming out November 14th.


And we got a glimpse at some of the items for this year’s Christmas and Winter Promotion, which will be released in all Pokemon Centers across Japan on Halloween. The Santa Chu will probably be a big seller, as it’s a semi remake of a Santa Chu from a few years ago that sold out fairly quickly.

What up-coming promotions are you especially excited about?

I personally am excited for both the Christmas and Pokemon Sewing promotions. I love the design for this year’s Santa Chu, and I’m head over heels in love with the new Vulpix plush!