We had a fairly low key release this past Saturday with the Pokemon New Years 2017 promotion. Which was fine by me considering how stressful next week’s release is probably going to be!


First up, the Monthly Pair Pikachu plush for December came out on the 12th! These two Pikas are going snowboarding and nothing is getting in their way of having a good time.

The first thing that surprised me about the plush was the snowboard – based on the previous plush and their accessories, I thought the snowboard would be made out of a felty cardboard sort of material that could bend easily, but actually it’s made of plastic. Second, the fabric they used for the jackets feels very much like the type of fabric commonly used for jackets worn for winter sports or I guess sports in general, which I thought was a cute touch.


The tag is just as adorable as the real plush! There have been some cute pair plush in the past, but this pair might be one of my top favorites from the set.


The second main event for Saturday was the New Years merchandise. I’ve noticed that most New Years merchandise gets overlooked, and I have a feeling this year will face the same fate, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bunch of cute items included in the line-up.


With the cutest item being the plush! It’s actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It seems like recent plush are either smaller than expected or bigger, but no middle ground…which is fine when it’s bigger!


Tag art~


The Darumaka-Chu is on most if not all of the New Years goods, so if you love him as much as I do, you’re in luck.


This cute little coin purse is practical and also features a big version of the Darumaka-Chu on one side


And a pattern version on the other.


These little craft stickers include the Sun & Moon starters (along with some others) and can be used to decorate your holiday cards or whatever you want.


Another highlight from the promotion: metal charms! Perfect if you’re already in love with the Sun & Moon starters and want more merch of them.


This tea cup is adorable but unfortunately, as it is a tea cup, does not have handles. But if you enjoy holding very hot beverages in your hands, then this cup was made for you!


Last but not least, and as usual, we have the two New Years decorations. Put them up in your home to greet the New Years and show off your love of Pokemon at the same time!


Both are based on traditional Japanese New Years decorations used in and around people’s homes, but mini sized. and Pokemon. (And cute!)

Until next time~