The first batch of movie related Pokemon Center exclusive plush was released in Pokemon Centers across Japan this past Saturday.


This release included Mega-Rayquaza, shiny Mega-Rayquaza, Arceus, and Lugia.


The two Mega-Rayquaza plush were the priciest and come wrapped in plastic bags, making them seem fancier then they are!


The other two plush are also very cute!


Along with the new plush, pre-sales for summer movie tickets also went on sale from Saturday. Each ticket comes with a download code for Arceus. There are 19 different versions of Arceus that you can receive, with the 19th version being shiny. As soon as this was discovered, many people started buying multiple movie tickets.

Saturday’s release was fairly quiet, or I guess I should say, a normal release. Next Saturday’s Emerald Break / card sleeve release will most likely not be as quiet, but one can hope.